Bucket List

Our Bucket List: dream big

  • Run a half marathon
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride, Helicopter Ride
  • Live BYU Basketball Game
  • Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Redwood Forrest
  • Disney World, Disney Land
  • Church History Tour- Nauvoo Trip
  • Ireland trip, Thailand,
  • Sky Dive
  • Alaska trip- see northern lights & go ice fishing
  • African Safari
  • Graduate College Together
  • Buy a Car  x2
  • Buy a house
  • Have Kids
  • Visit all 50 States Together (13/50)
    • Kristyn: (43/50)
    • Sheldon: (14/50)

Temple Tracker:  If either of us had been on temple grounds, or close enough to take a good picture, we are counting them below. “*” means we have visited the temple together.




*Updated Feb 6, 2019