Chloe: 10 Months Old

Happy 10 months to Chloe! Here is an update on her latest growth and devolopment.


  • 19 lbs
  • 27 inches
  • 18 month tops and like 12 month bottoms
  • Size 3 diapers


Chloe is attached to mom at the hip. Mom is definitely her favorite person and everyone else needs to be warmed up to. She has mastered the fake cough and fake cry to get the attention she wants. Overall She is a happy and curious baby.

Latest skills

  • Fully crawling- and FAST
  • Walking along the furniture
  • Can stand up for a few minutes on her own
  • Has taken 2 consecutive steps before falling
  • Likes opening drawers and cupboards to see what is inside
  • Walking assisted with a walker
  • Feeding herself and learning the pincer grasp
  • Says “mama”, “dada”, and “numm”
  • Learning to turn pages in books
  • Noticing different textures and smiles when she feels something soft
  • Knows and responds to her name
  • Highly attentive to music
  • Knows when she is left alone


  • I breastfeed her about 4 times daily, usually before sleep.
  • She eats some kind of simplified version of the same meals that we eat
  • Loves eating noodles, cereal, and soft crackers
  • She enjoys feeding herself and drinks from her own water cup


  • Chloe’s sleep schedule is in the middle of changing again and it has a little bit of a struggle to figure it all out.
  • Thankfully she’s has been sleeping great at night. I can usually count on her being down from 7 to 7.
  • Ideally there would be one morning nap and one afternoon nap but figuring out the right timing and wake window of each is a little tough.


Chloe’s first ride in the stroller of the year- and this one was without the car seat insert. She LOVED it and was content and quiet the whole time. She also just barely has enough hair for little pigtails and they’re so cute!

Current favorites

  • Mom
  • Standing up on her own
  • Seeing Grandma and Grandpa cats
  • Noodles and crackers
  • Showing off and smiling to our reactions

Thanks for following along with Chloe’s development. We are looking forward to Chloe turning 1 year old soon.

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