Chloe: 8 Months Old

So I didn’t get to the his blog post until later but I’ll still write down what I can remember and back date it a little. Chloe 8 month development.


  • 18 lbs
  • – inches long
  • 9-12 month clothes
  • Size 3 diapers

Latest Skills:

  • Army crawling but starting to lift tummy
  • Starting to pull herself up on furniture
  • Trying new foods & eating well
  • Connected to mom at the hip or else she screams
  • Learning stranger danger
  • Laughing and giggling at any interaction


  • Her favorites include puréed blueberries, green beans, bananas, and apple chicken. She also likes when we sneak her some noodles or whipped cream.


  • First christmas
  • First New Years

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