The Cutest Lil’ Pumpkin (October 2020)

Hey friends, happy November! I hope you all had a happy spooky season COVID style. I know that I enjoyed listening to some spooky story podcasts to get in the halloween spirit. I hope you guys were able to enjoy prime day, all I got during the sale was a mini vacuum, haha.

This month things have been ramping up to the election. Sheldon and I have really had to scale back our social media consumption. I’ve seen family and friends take sides and fight over political ideas, then it changes to personal attacks. It is truly so sad and disheartening to see the contention and hatred that arises from politics. 2020 has been so hard for all of us that we really should be sticking together rather than taking sides. I’m praying for more love and peace for everyone. I promise to love you, no matter who you vote for, or what you believe.

OK, onto our October life update…

One of the first things I did in October was that I had my first professional pedicure. I went with Sheldon’s Cousin and Aunt, it was a fun girl day and my feet have never felt better.

This month I was able to re-organize my craft room and add some fun features. I got a tv and nice sewing desk from my parents. I put both work desks together on the same wall and we were able to add a day bed with a trundle to the room for guests to stay on. I love how the room has come together; it is a fun, happy, and creative space. I’m actually getting ready to share a blog of all our home renovations within the past year- so watch for that soon!

One thing we usually enjoy doing together is carving pumpkins, but Sheldon was the only one that carved one this year. We did get several pumpkins and gourds this year which made for a cute porch. I’ll share some pictures of Sheldon’s raven carving and my cute porch below.

We spent a weekend in Utah visiting my grandma and parents. While we were there we tried Kolachies for breakfast, went to a pumpkin patch, and made caramel apples together. The pumpkin patch was a small field that we felt comfortable visiting during COVID. Most other places seemed to be overcrowded, so this seemed to be the safest option. We dressed Chloe up in her pumpkin costume and took a bunch of cute pictures together. It was still nice temperatures out which made it a nice experience.

Actual halloween was pretty boring for me. I dressed up as a cat and did some fun make up and Sheldon had spent a couple nights working at the local haunted house. He always enjoys helping out there, he said that he got some great screams, and even got a girl to pee herself haha. We had about 15 or 20 trick-or-treaters come by, which was actually our first since we were married. We had plenty of candy left over because we bought a big Costco bag.

Chloe turns 6 months in just a few days, but you can read her 5 month blog HERE. She’s really good at rolling over now and is enjoying her door jumper. She has even tasted a few different soft foods.

Pupdate: Koda has been enjoying the cooler temperatures and the crunchy leaves outside. He has started trying to play with Chloe which is so cute to watch. Sometimes he will bring her toys to her, or lay next to her, lick her hands, or jump around her in “pounce” positions. He is so playful, yet so gentle, it is perfect.

Creative projects: Sheldon and I did another Bob Ross painting night at his request. We did a fall scene, neither of us love the results but it was still a fun activity. I also worked on making app covers for the new iPhone update to make the phone have cohesive and cute colors- they’ll be available in my shop soon. I’ve also been working on rebranding my shop which I hope to launch around the beginning of next year.

Thanks for reading and following along!


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