Chloe: 5 Months Old

Chloe has been in our family for 5 whole months now! Three words to describe her last month would be Curious, Observant, and Vocal. Here’s the latest about Chloe’s growth and development:


  • 16 lbs
  • 25.5 inches long
  • 6 month clothes
  • Size 2 diapers
  • In her latest doctor appointment she was in the 80th percentile across the board

Latest Skills:

  • Rolls over both ways with ease
  • Increased hand-eye coordination
  • Sits up assisted in high chair, in Bumbo, or with pillows
  • Starting to be able to sit on her own for a few seconds at a time
  • Bounces (jumps) with her legs when supported under the arms
  • Exploring her voice with a range of sounds from yelling to soft babbling
  • Has began the “I drop, you pick up” game
  • Ticklish on her tummy- sometimes we can get giggles
  • Listens carefully and turns head towards the noise
  • Eye contact when we are talking to her and responds with a smile
  • Can recognize familiar faces especially Mom & Dad
  • Starting to recognize silly or startling situations and responds with laughter


  • Still exclusively breastfeeding- (will take a bottle again though)
  • BUT we gave her a little nibble of rice cereal this past week that she promptly spit out


  • Usually sleeps from 9p – 7a with one feeding
  • Usually has 2 longer naps and one short one
  • We began to transition her from the bassinet to the crib
  • Started fighting sleep and it has been unpredictable ever since

We are pretty sure that Chloe has began teething, her sleep has suffered because of it. We began to transition her from the bassinet in our room to the crib in her room at night and we had about a week of that under our belts. BUT then she began teething so we moved her back to our room to be able to keep us all comfortable. It has been a tough enough transition that adding teething and problems with the baby monitor pushed us back to the bassinet. She’s about to outgrow that though so it does need to happen soon.


  • Her baby blessing (blog linked HERE)
  • Has slept in her own room a few nights now
  • Had her first taste of “solid foods” with a nibble of rice cereal
  • Tried a new door frame jumper

Current Favorites:

  • Faces- to smile at and grab at
  • Morning cuddles
  • Sitting in the high chair (Sheldon calls it the captain’s seat)
  • A yellow teething toy

Other Observations:

Her hair is growing in thicker and is very blonde. I think she is looking a lot more like Sheldon, she definitely has a “Lloyd” face. Though teething is hard I am loving that she’s been extra snuggly, she has taken several naps in my arms these days and I’m not mad at that. Holding a little baby while she sleeps is the best. She’s also been discovering her little voice this last while and with that come little screams and giggles. I’m thoroughly convinced that Chloe’s laugh is the best sound in the entire world.

My postpartum update:

I still have some pudge BUT I’m actually back to my pre-pregnancy weight already. I haven’t really done much to loose that, but I would attribute it to breastfeeding, going on walks, and my new non-hormonal birth control. It is really nice to have more of my clothes fit again so I have more choices of what to wear. Sheldon says that within the past 3 weeks he has really seen my pregnancy weight just melt away, which has encouraged him to go on a little health kick. haha. Breastfeeding has become a little less of a chore because at least it is a moment I can sit and rest. I encourage other new moms to try out breastfeeding for at least 3 months before giving up on it! I was doing really well until my mental health took a nose dive around 3 months postpartum, which I’ve been really quiet about. I feel like there are several different factors to it that I will not explain publicly, But I’m currently working with professionals to improve it and also started taking some medications. I share this only to be able to share my true experience as part of having a baby, not for pity, or shame. I really prefer to not discuss any more details of my mental with anyone besides my husband, a few close friends, and medical professionals. Social media too often is just the “pretty picture moments” of our lives and I want to be honest in sharing my postpartum experience, so that others know they are not alone. You cannot always “just think happy thoughts” to get through things and that seeking help is the brave thing to do.

Anywayssssss…. Chloe is older than half of my pregnancy now, which is weird to think. Next month she will be 6 months and I am not ready for that!!

Thanks for reading! See you guys next blog. 🙂

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