Fall colors & Preparations for Chloe’s Special Day (Sept. 2020)

Hello friends thanks for checking in again. September just flew by, but this was a fun and productive month for us. We have enjoyed the mild fall weather, and the beautiful colors of the leaves in the mountains. Alright onto the update…

What in the World:

The iphone has finally taken a note from android and allowed widgets on the home page in the latest updates. I’ve been enjoying adding larger blocks such as: inspirational quotes, a weather tab, and a cute calendar and coordinating with cute colors. (I’m finally learning to use google calendar, btw.) Our area in Idaho has allowed us to start doing weekly church sacrament meeting for 45 minutes which has been nice to get back to somewhat of a normal schedule. General conference in October will still be virtual but I have hope that next April’s will be back to normal again. On another note the fall colors here have been stunning. You kinda have to look for fall in Idaho, and it doesn’t last long, but when you find it there are beautiful bright reds and oranges.

September update…

Celebrating Chloe:

The biggest thing we were looking forward to in September was Chloe’s baby blessing and party. I spent a lot of time throughout this month figuring out the details of the party and making decorations for it. It was a really beautiful day and it all turned out as I imagined it would. We also had my family stay with us for a few days which was nice. I wrote about all the details of her special day in a separate blog post linked HERE.

A Labor Day Surprise Date:

On Labor day I surprised Sheldon and we went to Blackfoot, Idaho to play on their nice disk golf course. We got mixed sodas, had a little picnic lunch at the park, and played a full 18 holes of frolf. It was a beautiful day out, so it was really nice to get some fresh air. Koda could hardly handle being on a leash with so many people throwing disks at the park though. We also checked in with some of Sheldon’s cousins while we were in town. We got about 80% of the way home when it got really windy, and we learned about the crazy wind storms going on in the area. It caused a lot of damage to several areas including some crops, but thankfully we got home safely and everything at home was untouched. Overall it was a great day to end the summer.

Fall Family Photos:

While we have pretty fall colors in the area we decided to take some family pictures. We just used a tripod and self timer but I think they came out nicely. I’ll share a few below. Sheldon also took his drone out to fly over the trees and we compiled some footage into a quick little “Idaho Fall Colors” video- you can watch it below or it is linked HERE. The bright colors of the leaves seriously make me so happy and remind me of home, I wish they would last longer. Idaho is always beautiful but when these warm colors are out it is definitely our most scenic few weeks of the year!

House updates:

It has been awhile since I updated you guys on the house renovations because we have been doing little things here and there like replacing the screen door, and light fixtures, and that type of thing. BUT we did some pretty big projects this month that I wanted to quickly share. The first one is that we leveled some ground about 12 feet wide next to our driveway to extend it out. Sheldon bought a full truckload of river rocks and we used a small tractor and boxscraper to flatten it out. It looks a lot better than parking on dirt and it should make less of a mess in the winter too.

We also redid our kitchen! Our whole kitchen had white cabinets and a weird short of laminate backsplash that we never really liked. On a whim we decided to give the kitchen a facelift. We painted the bottom cabinets a darker color, I chose a charcoal grey. The cabinets took a ton of work, we had to strip and sand off probably like 4+ layers of paint, prime them, and paint them. We used a paint sprayer from our neighbor which helped them to have a nice finish. While we were doing kitchen projects we also decided to put new contact paper in the drawers so it would match the countertop. We also took down that old backsplash and learned how to tile and gout to put up a marble basketweave pattered tile. I think that the tile really helps to tie the whole kitchen together with the darker toned lower cabinets, the countertop, and the white upper cabinets. It was something we would do every night together and it took us a little more than a week to get it all done. The new kitchen matches our cozy style a lot more and made the space feel more clean and functional. I love how it all turned out. I plan to do a full house renovations blog very soon, so stay tuned for that.


Turned 4 months old in September. She’s been sitting in her high chair, she did really well for her 4 month shots, and is getting good at rolling over. You can read more on this post linked HERE.


Koda got his yearly puppy shots in two parts to see if there would be any allergic reaction this time. There does seem to be a minor bubble- so stay tuned. He did really well at the vet though. Koda has been a sweet big brother to Chloe and seems to enjoy watching her while laying at the end of her blanket when she plays.

Creative projects:

Like stated earlier I made a bunch of boho rainbow decorations in pastel pinks for Chloe’s blessing party, and I made her special blessing dress. I also did a watercolor painting of Christ as a gift for a friend’s new baby.

Other activities in September included:

Going to Costco with some friends, Sheldon and I also started doing a simple daily scripture reading challenge. I also finished up about 4 weeks without scrolling on social media which felt really nice for a bit.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day, we’ll see ya in the next blog.


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