Chloe’s Blessing Day

I wanted to write a quick blog post to record the fun details of Chloe’s blessing day celebration. I truly put my whole heart and a TON of emotional energy into this day for her and we are grateful it turned out so nicely. Thank you to the family that came to support her on this momentous occasion. It truly was such a great day that I’ll always remember.

Why a party? I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about covid, me too honestly. But I was towards the end of my pregnancy when the pandemic hit and was unable to have a baby shower to celebrate my sweet girl, and we still couldn’t have family be there to celebrate her birth, or support me as a new mom. Birth is such a big and special life event that I just could not pass the opportunity to give my baby girl a proper celebration. I decided to take matters into my own hands and now that restrictions have lifted a little bit we decided to throw a little party for her. I worked really hard to make her blessing day extra special.

Her Dress

One way that I wanted to show my love for Chloe girl was by making her a blessing dress. It was fairily simple and not too “floofy”. I combined a couple different patterns to get the design that I wanted. I used the sleeves and diaper cover from Simplicity s9117, and I did most of the dress and the lining form Simplicity 8024 and made a size small in both parts. Some of my favorite details from the dress include the peek of lace underneath from the lining layer, the long length, and the tiny little buttons down the back. It was a fairly easy but time consuming project. I was mostly worried about the buttons because it had been awhile since I’ve done button holes. Overall I love how it turned out, It was a little big on her but that’s better than too small. Anytime that I tried it on her, she would smile. I hope she felt like a beautiful little princess in it. I also made a flower crown for her to wear that had little white and pink flowers (you can see it later in the post.)

Theme + Decorations

I decided to use little pink boho rainbows as the theme for our decorations. Because Chloe has been our little rainbow of hope during such a stormy and confusing year. I took that and ran with it. I made so many little rainbow things. I painted some welcome signs, spun several rope rainbows (including a large one made of pipe insulation!), I also made little rainbow “please sanitize” tags for the bottles of hand sanitizer, and I even made tiny little rainbow earrings! For the table centerpieces we picked up some fresh white daisies. The morning before her blessing I got a bunch of help from my family and we put together a coordinating balloon arch and I love how it all came together to fill the space. We couldn’t do the gathering in a church building so we used the garage at Sheldon’s work for the event. It wasn’t a cute space, but it was functional for what we needed. I’m glad that I brought so many large items to decorate because it all worked together really well.

The Blessing

The actual event went so smoothly and was so special. Chloe looked like a such a little angel princess in her dress and crown. It was just a small gathering of family- we all met in the RS room at church for it. The blessing that Sheldon gave her was sweet and he was able to have great support in the circle with him. After the blessing at church everyone met for a simple but yummy luncheon in the decorated work garage. There was plenty of food for everyone and it all turned out nicely. We did have sanitizer available and encouraged mask wearing (removed for pictures and eating) to make the gathering a little safer. I’m grateful for those that showed their support with attendance.

The Food

We kept the food pretty easy, (Sorry no pictures of the spread). We grilled burgers and hot dogs for everyone with all the available fixings. For sides we had watermelon, the Koch family’s pretzel salad, macaroni salad, individual bags of chips, and homemade sugar cookies. These were no ordinary cookies though, these were specially made sugar cookies just for the occasion. My mom and I spent many hours the few days before getting just the right cookie recipe and colors/consistency of frosting. It was fun to be able to work together on all the little details to see my “cookie vision” come to fruition. I just love how they all turned out and they also tasted really yummy. (If you need the sugar cookie recipe feel free to message me- because these ones kept a crisp shape.) I got the cookie cutters handmade from THIS etsy shop that does 3D printing. I can’t remember the exact amount of cookies that we ended up with but it was well over 40, and they were quickly devoured.

Fall Family Pictures

Because I am so detail oriented I made sure to take some family photos the week before in the fall leaves so we could have pictures to display at the event, and post to social media. We wore the same outfits so it would look like the same day, but we would not have had time to get all these pictures done in addition to all the other things we had to do. Believe it or not we just took the tripod and used the self timer/ remote to take them.

I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help with decorations, pictures, and food, etc. Again thank you to everyone that came to show your love and support to my sweet girl on her special day it really means a lot, I’m glad to know I can count on you guys. It really was a great day that I will always remember. We love you so much Chloe!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you guys in the next blog.

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