Chloe: 4 Months Old

Chloe has been in our family for 4 whole months now! Here is the latest on her development and new tricks:


  • 14.4 lbs
  • 25 inches long
  • 3- 6 month clothes
  • Size 2 diapers


Chloe really is a good baby; she’s a good sleeper, rarely cries, and almost always smiley. She is getting more curious about her surroundings and will really focus on noises and bright colors. She is starting to recognize familiar faces especially mom and dad.

Latest Skills:

  • She rolled over from her belly to her back (about different 8 times now)
  • She can roll to her side from her back
  • She sits up fairly well against a corner of pillows
  • She drools a lot now
  • She is always sucking on her hand or her first two fingers, on occasion it is just the thumb
  • Starting to reach and grab for close by items with increasing accuracy
  • Can grab something nearby and bring it to her mouth
  • Has found her feet and will hold onto them or put them in her mouth sometimes
  • Strengthening her legs by kicking and wiggling around
  • Can scoot around and spin a 180 while on her back
  • Starting to enjoy tummy time more and shows good neck control
  • Has the strength to stand on her own, just can’t balance at all
  • Making new sounds like screeching and sighs
  • Has the social smile


  • Still only breastfeeding and not too fond of the bottle
  • Feeds every 2 or 3 hours, but more often in the afternoon
  • Often has hiccups and is getting better about burping after she eats


  • Still sleeps like an angel at night- from about 9pm to 7am
  • Only wakes up once or twice at night usually looking for a binkie
  • Naps are hit and miss- some last 30 mins some are like 3 hours
  • Usually takes around 2 or 3 naps a day depending on how long they last
  • The best naps are after spending time outside
  • Here is a LINK to the sound machine she likes

One thing that is quickly approaching is the transition from sleeping in the bassinet (next to me) to the crib in the nursery at night. She already naps in the crib, so I think she will transition just fine, but I might struggle a bit. I really love having her right next to me and being able to hear her and quickly help when she needs me. But she’s getting tall enough now that she almost can’t fit in the basinet anymore. Moving her to the crib will be tough on me and I’m sure I’ll be randomly checking the baby monitor in the wee hours of the night for awhile.


  • Mckinsey’s Wedding (her first big party AND longest time away from mom while we were at the temple)
  • First time sitting in the high chair with some toys

Current Favorites:

  • AVENT clear binkies- she doesn’t like any other kind
  • Fabric “crinkley” animal book
  • Wooden rattle
  • Plastic links (probably because of the sound and they’re easy to hold on to.)

Other Observations:

Chloe is learning to communicate through smiles, grunts, and screeching. I can tell she is trying to mimic certain noises that we make. She loves attention that anyone will give her and loves to see faces.

We also changed the nursery up a little bit since the nursery blog tour. I purchased a little toy shelf bench so that we can sit and read stories on it. It has 6 cubbies to display her toys and books and to conceal her diaper changing stuff. I put that on the wall below the watercolor paintings, and moved the wicker chest to the bottom of her closet. I’m sure that I’ll change her nursery around a hundred more times but I really love her room, it is such a happy and playful place.

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