Mckinsey’s Wedding (Aug 2020)

Any other WordPress users out there? This blog took longer to write because I have to learn the new editor. It used to write up like a word document, but now I have to create a post using a new blocking system. You know how it goes when they change things on ya. I’ll figure it out eventually. Anywaysss… here’s our August update.

What in the world?

Here are some random current events for context; Instagram came out with “reels” to compete with Tictok, things for the election have been ramping up and getting quite controversial, masks are still required in most stores, the NBA was able to finish their season that had been paused, and more BLM issues came up causing a further divide between law enforcement and the black community. Honestly theres probably a lot more too, but I’ve gotten so sick of all the hatred, news, and politics that I quit social media near the end of August. In fact even while I’m writing this post I still only use it for messaging. Usually social media is a center of creativity and networking for me- but lately it has been so negative that it is not good on my mental health for me to consume.

August updates

We spent some time outside this month which felt really nice. We were pretty good about going on walks and runs most evenings.We have continued to work on improving our mile times. The fields here look so pretty right before harvest, especially against the mountains. We all are all happy to spend time outside in the evenings together, it always feels good to get some fresh air.

We also planted 2 maple trees in our yard which we are excited to watch grow over the years. One of them had a poor root system so we don’t expect that it will last, but the other one is about 8 feet tall already and should do great.

We were able to go back to church one week and it was pretty weird. We were happy to go, but it felt so simple and sterile. Not many people were wearing masks but we were all sat with at least a row between families, and it only lasted about 30 mins or so. This was officially Chloe’s first time at church though so it was a big moment for her. She sat quietly and smiled at everyone.

Mckinsey’s Wedding

My sister got married this month. I’m sure it was weird for them to have the wedding during a pandemic but I thought it was really nice and I’m glad they can finally be together. The temple opened up and allowed just a few people to be there for the ceremony but then they did a nice reception that evening to continue the celebration with more people. They took COVID precautions like staggering the time slots of guests, individually packaging meals, and had masks available. But it was a very nice event and I hope they feel celebrated and loved. Mckinsey was a beautiful bride and had the most stunning wedding dress. We are very happy for them and that Ethan is now officially part of the family.


Chloe turned 3 months old in August. You can read about her latest tricks and developments on the post linked HERE. We love being parents to our sweet smiley baby girl.


We don’t have a whole lot to report about Koda this month. He loves joining us on our evening walks to the track. He has so much energy that he can run circles around us there and then come home and run circles around our house. He has been extra obedient and cuddly these days, he’s a good boy.

My Creative Projects

I did some projects for McKinsey’s wedding including some menu lettering and doing flowers. I also was kept busy making cloth masks for myself and I made enough to do a little sale, I did a little craft night with Kelsey making little yarn rainbows, I started sewing Chloe’s blessing dress, I’ve also been having fun trying new hairstyles and fancy braids these days.

Other activities this month: We made pupusas on the griddle, took a few of Sheldon’s work friends skeet shooting, I did a little birthday picnic for my friend Tobie, Sheldon got in a few last mountain bike rides and he also went rock climbing with an old roommate.

I think thats about it around here, things have been pretty simple. Congrats McKinsey and Ethan on your wedding, we are excited for you guys. As always, thanks for reading our monthly updates. We are excited for Chloe’s blessing day coming up in September. See ya in the next post!

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