Chloe: 3 Months Old

Our little baby Chloe girl is 3 months old! She is seriously growing and changing every day. I wish she would slow down a little, but it is also so fun to watch her figure out the world around her. She is seriously my best little buddy and we are so so lucky to have her in our home. Here is what her third month looked like:


  • 13 lbs
  • 24 inches
  • Wearing 0-3 month clothes
  • Size 2 diapers


Chloe is the smiliest baby! Her little smiles and coos and giggles make all the hard work and the waiting in pregnancy a million percent worth it! She really doesn’t cry very often- usually if she needs something she will grunt and flail her arms. Shots made her very sad though.

Latest Skills:

  • Holding toys/ blankets in her hands and waves them around
  • Opens and closes hands -learning that her hands can grasp nearby items
  • Brings her hands to her mouth/ chews on hands
  • Can lift her head and feet when laid on her tummy
  • Discovered her feet and will sometimes grab them
  • Will roll onto her side sometimes
  • Makes spit bubbles
  • Recognizes faces and smiles back
  • Intensely focuses on movement and shadows/light
  • Recognizes our voices and responds with a smile
  • Looks around and turns head for the source of sounds
  • Holds her head up pretty well when sitting
  • Great at tracking objects with her eyes
  • Always stretching/wiggling/kicking
  • Can sit and stand with assistance
  • Starting to try to mimic some of our sounds


  • Feeds well several times during the day (usually in longer eating sessions) and sometimes once at night
  • Has decided that she only likes breastfeeding now- doesn’t take a bottle very well anymore


  • Goes to sleep at night without any fuss, sometimes naps need more coaxing
  • Sleeps in 5+ hour lengths at night
  • Sometimes takes up to 3 naps a day (they can range from 40 mins to 2 hours long)
  • Sleeps in bassinet at night and in the crib for naps
  • Loose sleep schedule includes: bedtime at 9:30pm, night feeding at 2:30am, morning feeding at 7:30am, morning nap at 10am, afternoon nap at 1:30pm, and short evening nap around 6pm.


  • First family “hike” was to the lake at Tony’s Grove
  • 2 month shots
  • First time in church

Her Current Favorites:

  • Wubbanub binkies
  • Her own hands (to chew on)
  • Fresh air from our evening walks
  • “Lovey” blanket on her face from @LittleMinkyLuxuries

Other Observations:

img_3287Okay I know that technically she is not developmentally able to speak or understand words yet… but I swear that she said “uh oh” the other day when she flung a toy across the room. I think it happened because she’s trying to mimic our sounds but I know she didn’t mean it haha. Chloe and Koda are really curious about one another, if she’s on the floor he is usually really close just watching her. Once he cuddled close to her and she grabbed a handful of his fur but he didn’t even bite, he’s a good dog! I know one day they’ll be best friends. I think Chloe is going to be a little social butterfly, she smiles at everyone and already has such a friendly little personality.

My postpartum update:

f6de6579-8845-4c28-93f9-e8fb9677f7d2World breastfeeding week was the beginning of August and I really appreciated that there was a time to celebrate it. Breastfeeding is no joke, I worked really hard and went through a lot of pain in order to be able to feed Chloe like I can now. Those first few weeks especially were the worst. It usually feels like a chore and is not a special bonding experience like I expected it would be but we can do it now (sometimes still with minor pain) and I’m really proud of myself for sticking with it. I’ve not sold any of my milk supply yet, but stay tuned. I have regulated enough that I’m just down to pumping once first thing in the morning.

img_2967I knew that I needed to get back to working out to be able to feel comfortable in my postpartum body. I’m not worried about loosing pregnancy weight, but I do want to feel strong again and take care of myself. All the workouts I could think of felt overwhelming but I was inspired by Youtuber/podcaster Haley Pham to focus on doing one mile and improving it little by little. One mile is just 4 times around the track and that sounded totally doable for me. So Sheldon and I have been walking to the local high school track most evenings to time ourselves on the one mile. My first mile was 11:18, then little by little I shaved time off of that and now my latest one is below 10 minutes. By the time we walk there, run, and walk back it is a 3 mile commitment. I’m so glad we do it and Chloe & Koda really like getting out in the evenings too. I think we will continue this and maybe we will increase it to 2 miles soon. By doing this I’ve been able to decrease my back pain and strengthen my body- especially my legs.

I still really love being a momma and never expected it to be so fun and fulfilling. She’s my little baby doll that I can take care of and dress up. When she’s sad, I’m sad with her- getting shots and hearing her cry in pain was one of the worst experiences of my life. But when she’s  happy and smiley my heart just bursts with joy. Thanks for following along with little Chloe’s life! See you next month.

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