Our Latest Family Outings (July 2020)

Sheldon and I were just talking about how you know that spring has arrived when the Walmart garden section opens up and we drove by the other day but somehow it is already done for the year!? That flew by. I really need to not begin every blog post by talking about the weather and how quickly time flies. But it seriously goes faster and faster, things just really don’t ever slow down (except for in the last month of pregnancy lol.)

As for what is going on in this world in July… I think I’m going to do a mini news update each month so that I have better context of current events when I re-read blogs in the future. This month there was raised awareness to fight human trafficking because of the attention brought to the high priced items on WayFair and other websites. We are in the 5th month of social isolation and cases of Covid-19 are still on the rise. Masks are now required at most stores but because it seems to be a social issue a lot of people still don’t wear them. (Sheldon was tested for the virus because he had a few symptoms but thankfully it came back negative, we think it was a stomach bug.) Parents have to decide to send their kids to school or not. Theres also a nation wide coin shortage- requiring people to only pay with cards or exact change. Oh and Kanye decided to run for president, lol.

OK onto our life update… The first weekend in July we took a road trip to Utah. Chloe finally got to meet My parents. Because of the pandemic we all decided it wouldn’t be safe for them to travel out to visit her at birth so they came out in early July. It was really special when they met her and got to play and see smiles. My dad taught her the “tongue game” and showed her some of Pixar’s “Cars” on his phone. She entertained us all for awhile and made us smile. While we were all together we got to celebrate the 4th of July with a fun breakfast, cute new outfits for Chloe, and a socially distant firework show. It was so nice to get out of Idaho for a little bit and just relax.




Sheldon went home after the weekend but Chloe and I stayed another week. The rest of us all did a bunch of wedding prep for Mckinsey’s special wedding day. First we went dress shopping for her and found the most perfect one. We went out to lunch a few times and prepped for her bridal shower. I did some script for 4 different signs and put little flower arrangements on each one. Then by the end of the week we threw her a bridal shower in the Provo Library, and it turned out super cute! Shortly after Chloe and I returned to Idaho.



The following weekend we did our 2nd annual “Lloyd cousin campout” at Sheldon’s cousins’ house. It was good to get everyone together again. Sheldon and I didn’t stay overnight this time because of our lil baby, but we joined everyone for the BBQ and breakfast. While we were all together we had a sweet little baby shower for his cousin Mel. I’m very grateful for those cousins-in-law because we’ve become great friends, and I’m so glad to have them! (Sadly no pictures from these days though)

Sheldon got work off for the 24th of July (pioneer day) so we took a little day trip to Tony’s Grove up in Logan canyon. It was a fun “stroller friendly” adventure, and it felt good to be able to get outside and take some pictures. Then we got some dinner at roadhouse. Chloe loved every minute of being outside by the lake, she kept smiling and making the cutest cooing noises when we walked around.



One evening we had a little family night to Lava Hot Springs. It is a little summer tradition that we do to get some square ice cream, walk around the town, watch the people floating the river, and then get a pizza. They also had some really pretty flowers so I had to snap some pictures!



Chloe turned 2 months old- I will link that post HERE. She’s always wiggling, really great at smiling, and can track with her eyes a lot better now. Some big things for her included: meeting the Koch grandparents, her first holiday, and spending time outside. She’s also getting curious about Koda and will watch him often, sometimes he even snuggles her (under our supervision.)



Parenting: So far parenting has been a joy. We are lucky that she sleeps so well through the night and is really happy through the day. We just love our little Chloe so much and even though she’s been in our family for a short time we cannot imagine our live without her. She fits in with our family perfectly and we love having her sweet little spirit in our home. It really hasn’t been too much of an adjustment taking care of her. Feeding and diapering isn’t too hard to get the hang of but when she pees right onto a new diaper thats a little over rated. She “cat naps” more than she takes full naps so sometimes I just have to be more efficient with the personal time that I do get. She has Sheldon wrapped around her finger and its so cute to watch them hang out together.



It is the fun part of summer where it is too hot during the day but the evenings and mornings are nice. We’ve been running one mile each at night at the track and we’ve been slowly improving our times. It feels really good to be moving my body again after pregnancy and getting stronger each time we go. Sometimes we will sit outside at night on a quilt to cool down and watch the sunset. Sheldon did his yearly Drone photos of our neighbor’s impressive flower garden and this year his photos even made it into the newspaper. We have also really enjoyed our outdoor griddle and have been making a lot of yummy food out there which also helps to keep the house cooler.



Pupdate: Koda has officially been in our little family for a full year! We adopted him last July. This month he had several opportunities to play with other dogs and he LOVES it so much haha. He plays really well with bigger dogs and is usually a lot faster than them, he’s also a bit of a bully and steals their toys haha. Koda diligently “helps” Sheldon set the sprinklers in the yard and loves making fast “zoomie” laps around the house. He’s such a goof ball but we love him.



Creative projects: I did those flower lettering signs for Mckinsey’s bridal shower like I explained above. I donated a set of earrings to an auction for OUR that earned $41, I shared details of Chloe’s room on the blog LINKED, I tried to sell mystery boxes of earrings but that sale flopped haha oops. I also did some reorganizing in my craft room. Sheldon and I worked together to recover the seat on our new piano bench, and we have enough extra fabric that I can make matching couch pillows.

Other activities in July included: Sheldon went on several mountain bike rides; once he went with Sven in Utah and another he biked Targhee with his brothers. Sheldon also went on a river rafting trip on the Snake River with some friends- I would have loved to join him on but I don’t dare leave Chloe for that long yet. We also did a simple home reno project by replacing the outdated ceiling fan in our front room, simple changes can make such a difference. We also bought a used piano from facebook marketplace, it came from a good home in Pocatello and we got a great deal on it. I already recovered the seat on it, but we still need to get it tuned.



Thanks for reading guys! As always, remember to type your email into the follow box so that you’ll be the first to receive our updates. I hope you had a great July and I’ll see you in next month’s update. We are looking forward to Mckinsey’s wedding celebration in August!




One thought on “Our Latest Family Outings (July 2020)

  1. I enjoy reading your monthly logs and seeing the fun pictures. Thank you for sharing. How exciting for all of you that “Grandma and Grandpa” Koch finally got to meet Cloe. So glad you are enjoying the summer. Live you all!

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