Nursery Walkthrough

Hey friends, welcome to Chloe’s Nursery! I’ve been working hard for months to make my vision for the nursery come to life. This is a very different blog post than I typically do, but I wanted to try sharing something new because a lot of you have voiced interest.

So ever since our first walk through at this house we knew which room would be hers. It is a pretty small room but the vibe I decided to go for was a clean nature inspired room that is (almost) gender neutral. I would do that by using greenery and wicker details with some pink accents (that could be swapped out for blue if we have a boy one day). I’ll link some of the products and shops that I worked with to create this fun space. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


The Wall

You know how it is when I get a creative idea; it becomes a type of hunger that is only satisfied when I complete the project. Well back in February I talked to you guys on my instagram stories trying to decide what to do in the nursery. There was a leafy wallpaper that I had seen and fell in love with, but it was going to be really expensive to do on even one wall. So I ran a poll and my followers convinced me to paint it myself! (and I’m so glad for it.) I don’t think Sheldon had the same vision that I did, but he was supportive anyway.

It took me some time to think about a process to paint the wall. First Sheldon removed the closet doors and painted the entire room white for me. I created leafy stencils out of plastic sheets, then we bought a few sample sized paints at home depot. Then we carefully taped the stencils onto the wall randomly and rollered the paint over them and continued until the wall was full. I had to go back through with white paint to clean up the edges a bit, and with green paint to fill in what the stencils missed. Keep in mind that the wall is not complete yet, if I wait to show you the completed room Chloe would be 3 years old. Haha, and at that point it would be weird to show a completed nursery tour. Just know the wall is a work in progress. My next step is to go through to add shadows and highlights to each of the leaves and then eventually add little sticks and yellow berries.

The Name Sign

I stirred back and forth for a while trying to decide how make her name sign. I knew the style that I wanted, but couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to do make it. Eventually I decided to pay a local woodsmith to make it for me and I’m so happy that I did. I love how big it is while still being light weight enough to feel comfortable hanging it above the crib. The lady that I worked with is out of Preston, Idaho and I highly recommend her. She was great to make things exactly how I wanted them- the right size, fonts, colors, etc. Her name is Kyra and the business is @CKCustomKreations, I’ll link her IG HERE.

The Closet

First of all I knew the closet needed to be cute because the original doors were not going to work in her room. They were very loud metal folding doors and didn’t open very well- and upon discovering that replacing them would be very expensive we decided to remove them to have a completely open closet. I decided to use plastic drawers, baskets, and and collapsable boxes to organize everything in a pleasing way. Those organizers hold random things like blankets, toiletries, toys, medicine, etc. I also decided to hang all of her clothes up to make things less cluttered and easier to see. I saw this tip online about separating the different clothing sizes. I tried my own method by cutting circles out of brown cardstock paper and wrote the different sizes on them. It is simple, but works for me! Another feature about the closet that is really handy is the bow organizer. I made it out of a plank of scrap wood and some small white hooks. Honestly, I probably need another one because she has SO many bows; but it does great at displaying her bows in a cute way and they are easy to grab. We also have a quilt basket, diaper pail, and laundry hamper in the closet. 

Pre-loved Items

One very special item in the nursery is a wooden rocking chair that was handed down to us from my parents. It was a chair used to rock me when I was a baby. The blue color doesn’t entirely match the nursery and will probably be recovered one day but it is very comfortable and a special item to have. There are a few other pre-loved items in the nursery and they were all from Facebook Marketplace and carefully cleaned. First I found this awesome wicker chest that we use to hold our collection of several hundred diapers, haha! I also put a blanket on top of it and use it as a mini changing station sometimes. Another thing I found is a little wicker shelf that is currently holding little books. I also got two boppy nursing pillows from FB (I LOVE THEM, and use them for everything) that washed up easily and I bought new covers for them. 

Handmade Items

Handmade items are super special to me because I know the amount of work and love that goes into them. We got several handmade blankets and quilts as gifts for Chloe, but this pink and white one that my mom made is probably my favorite. I use it as crib decor and hang it off the side, it matches everything so well. I also got a fun alphabet painting from Autumn Gundry Art, she even painted each letter with leafy details to match the room! My friend Hannah at Knot.Just.Clay made a cute tassel wall hanging for the nursery too and it think it is just perfect in that corner. The name sign I mentioned earlier was handmade by CustomKreations. Then I had to include some of my own creative pieces which included: watercolor paintings (Timpanogos temple and “I am a Child of God”), a hair bow hanger, and the leafy wall of course. I also made the little pink pillow with leftover fabric after hemming the curtains.

Other Details

Remember that most of this design process was done during quarantine so a lot of the pieces were purchased online or at the big box stores that could remain open. Ikea: white crib, large wooden frames holding my watercolor pieces, and pink velvety curtains. Amazon: white side table (used to hold nursing snacks and books), 2 pack of plastic drawer units in the closet, Alexa dot used as a sound machine, and the six pack of white canvas collapsable boxes. Walmart: white plastic baskets and wicker blanket basket. Home depot: plants, new fluffy carpet (you can read about our carpet installation in THIS post and see my IG story highlight titled “home”), white wooden blinds, and all the colors of paint used on the wall. If you would like links to any of these specific items comment or message me!

I think that’s it! I love how it turned out. It was a little tricky to utilize the small space for everything we needed it for but keep it clean and fun- but I think we did it. It is really special that we were able to incorporate a lot of handmade and pre-loved items to make the space cozy and creative. What is your favorite part? I think the leafy wall with the name sign is just so fun.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you like this style of blog so that I might do more in the future.

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