Chloe: 2 Months Old

Chloe has been in our family for 2 whole months now! It is so fun to watch her development and growth even in the short time we have known her. It seems like she is growing and learning every single day. Here is what her second month looked like:


  • 11 lbs
  • 23 inches long
  • 0-3 month clothes
  • Size 1 diapers


Chloe is such a joyful and happy baby. She does really well entertaining herself by looking around and chewing on her fists. She will sit quietly (usually asleep) for hours as especially if she is in her carseat (so in the car or on a walk). The only thing that consistently makes her sad is having a wet diaper.

Latest Skills:

  • Making happy cooing and giggling noises
  • Tight grasp with her hands- and now able to hold onto a teether toy and bring it close to her mouth
  • Neck is strong enough to hold up her head up when in a standing position
  • She is starting to lift her head a little when on her tummy- but still a difficult task.
  • Always kicking and wiggling her arms and legs to work those little muscles
  • Her legs are getting strong enough that you can “stand her up” for a few seconds if you help to hold her balance
  • Smiles/ opens her mouth when she sees a familiar face
  • Will play ” copycat” by sticking her tongue out
  • Slowly tracking movement with her eyes
  • Likes to hold her hands close to her face
  • Licking my clothes/ body when I hold her
  • Self- soothes by sucking her fist


  • Feeds well through the day and- rarely just once at night
  • Can change back and forth from breastfeeding to bottle
  • Has only had breastmilk


  • Chloe is a miracle sleeper, I’m so lucky!!
  • Uses a white noise machine, footie PJs, and a swaddle with arms out
  • Usually falls asleep to feeding or a binky
  • Usually sleeps in 5+ hour lengths at night
  • Naps range from 30 mins to 2 hours
  • Sleeps in bassinet at night and in the crib for naps
  • Not currently on a sleep schedule but I hope to figure that out soon


  • First road trip to Utah
  • Met all of my immediate family
  • First big holiday- 4th of July

Current Favorites:

  • Wubbanub binkie
  • Looking at faces and trying to mimic them
  • Playing with grandpa on the ground
  • Feeling soft textures on her face
  • Watching hanging objects- especially ribbons

Other Observations:

Chloe’s eyes are starting to get lighter- she was born with deep dark blue eyes and now they are more of a grayish blue like mine. She has the most alert and attentive eyes when she is awake. Her hair is fullest in the back and still a dark blonde color, I think she’s lost a little bit since birth in the front. It has been so fun to dress her up like a little doll- she definitely dresses better than I do these days.

My postpartum update:

0ca79faf-d7fd-4440-b90a-01ec15765653I had my 6 week follow up appointment and it was not as I expected it to be. I thought they would ask me about breastfeeding, my mental health, how my incision is healing up, and that kind of thing. But honestly they didn’t even ask any of that stuff- I just got my new birth control placed and they said that they would see me in another month to check the placement. I was very surprised that there was no discussion about adjusting to being a parent, or my healing process, or anything. They didn’t even officially clear me for exercise. I’m not complaining, just genuinely surprised that there isn’t a process for those things- especially because they did such a great job at making me feel comfortable during my pregnancy and birth experience.

I am overproducing my milk- like probably enough for 2 babies! So I think that I’m going to start selling the extra to NICUs. I’ll update on how that goes if I do. Breastfeeding is getting easier and less painful, but still quite uncomfortable at times. I still pump usually for engorgement relief but also to have bottles on hand. My PP bleeding has stopped now and I don’t feel as bloated. One morning I went on a short jog which went well but really tired me out quickly. I’ve been able to receive more help this month with meals and watching her while I shower, etc. I think I’m getting slowly the hang of this- and never thought I would love being a mom this much!

Thanks for reading!

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