Her First Special Experiences (June 2020)

Maybe it is because my attention was focused towards Chloe’s birth, but I feel like summer snuck up on us. It has been so warm out these days and it has been hard to keep our house cool. I always keep the blinds closed and usually keep the fans on- we even broke down and bought a window ac unit which really helps as well.

As for what is going on in this world in June… many stores have reopened during the pandemic but with new rules and restrictions for customers and workers. But with that, more cases of the corona virus have also been reported. There is talk that we will be able to go back to church sometime next month. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has also ramped up again. It has been hard to go onto social media these days because of all the opinions and politics shared on these two points. I wrote a blog post about my thoughts HERE – please be kind if you disagree with me.

The best part about this month is that we finally felt safe enough to take a road trip to Utah. Chloe got to meet her aunt Mckinsey and aunt Rebecca, (my sisters) and her great grandma Jones, my cousin Ashely and some other friends. She was the excitement of the party for sure. While in Utah my sisters and I did a clay jewelry craft one afternoon. Sheldon and I also took Chloe on a walk around the temple we got married in which was really special.

My sister Mckinsey got engaged to Ethan. (Finally! haha) We are so excited to celebrate with them in August!

Sheldon’s twin brother also just had a newborn baby. She was born exactly a month after Chloe- how fun that these girl cousins will be able to grow up so close in age! We got to meet her when she was just 2 weeks old.


Chloe turned 1 month old- I will link that post HERE. Chloe does very well riding in the car and she slept the whole drive to Utah and she also slept the whole way back. Chloe continues to grow each day and is no longer using newborn diapers. She is getting bigger and smarter, it has been so fun to follow her development. She is smiling and constantly using her muscles to kick and wiggle. One of my favorite things that she does is giggle, but I also like how she can grasp her fingers tightly around small objects. when people meet her they are always so surprised to see how alert she is because her eyes are wide open and starting to track movement.

Parenting: Sheldon had his first Father’s Day! I feel bad but we didn’t do a lot to celebrate. I think I just bought him a chocolate cake and made him one of his favorite meals- chicken wings and fries. Oh and I got him some new tires for his bike! It has been fun to see him be a dad these these past few weeks because he’s so sweet to our baby girl.

Outdoor activities: Sheldon has been going on a lot of bike rides some on the hills with his mountain bike and some just down the road to his work. He even won some fancy headlights for bike to work week. Sheldon has also taken friends out canoeing a few times. I’ve helped to shuttle them from the starting point on the river to the end point of the river and back. It’s a really scenic and beautiful float that I would’ve loved to go on but we won’t be taking Chloe out on the water for awhile. So she and I just sat next to the water and waited for them as the sun set. Sheldon also helped to lay some sod for a work friend while Chloe and I walked around the mall one Saturday afternoon.

Pupdate- This sounds crazy but Koda loves his cone. Have you ever met a dog that likes to wear the cone of shame? Sure at first he didn’t like it but now it has become a fun reward for him and he loves to wear it around the house, what a weird dog! lol. Lots of people have been asking how Koda and Chloe get along. The thing is that Chloe is pretty low energy so he usually leaves her alone. We always monitor their interactions closely and when he is in a calm mood we will allow him to lick her feet or to sniff her. He knows his limits, he is not allowed to lay on her blankets or to play with her toys. Now that it is so sunny and warm outside Koda has really enjoyed going on walks when we can get out. He also has been spending more time in the yard when Sheldon does yardwork. The little guy has so much energy that sometimes he will run fast circles around our entire house- We call these the “the zoomies”.

Creative projects: I’ve done this almost every month for the past four months but I did a little clay jewelry sale for the 4th of July, I made some business cards for a friend with a logo I had previously created for her, a watercolor painting for a family in need, and I made a rope rainbow keychain for a friends birthday.

We are looking forward to July because Chloe finally gets to meet my parents. It has been several months since the beginning of the coronavirus and once the quarantine begin we didn’t know how that would affect my pregnancy or the help I would get after her birth. So this gathering is extra exciting because we finally feel times are safe enough to meet up with them. I also love the Fourth of July and I’m excited to celebrate it with my family this year.

Thanks for reading guys! As always remember to type your email into the follow box so that you’ll be the first to receive our updates. I hope you had a good June and I’ll see you in the July post.




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