Sharing my Current Thoughts

This month it has been hard to be on social media because there have been many opinions and voices being shared and I haven’t known what to think of it all. The Black Lives Matter movement has come to the forefront once again because of George Floyd’s murder. I’ve stayed quiet on the issue so that I could take time to gather my own thoughts and educate myself a little bit.

All I can say is that I know we are on this earth to “love one another” and help those around us. We should never be hateful towards another human being because each soul is great in the sight of God. That being said I am aware of the privilege I was born into because of the color of my skin and I will be more conscious of my situation. The movement has caused me to ponder my own biases against other individuals whether it be for their skin tone, nationality, or sexual orientation. I definitely have room for improvement but I also think that I grew up in a diverse enough place to be able to appreciate the backgrounds of many different types of people. While I do NOT agree with the violent methods that some have been taking to show their anger and fear on the issue of George Floyd and others, I understand that they are hurting and their voices should be heard. I love you and support you and your dreams.

I do NOT think it is fair to blame any one person for everything that is going on, that is simply an unfair way to think. Racial bias doesn’t come from just one bad president, one violent protester, or one malicious police officer. These thoughts have built up in society over many years and it will not be as easy as flipping a switch to change everyone’s thoughts. BUT I also have to say that I support the good hearted policemen. I’ve lived in a country (El Salvador) where the police are not respected and thus have no power to protect the people- and we DO NOT want that type of situation. It is an uneasy and unsafe situation to be in. In every society people look for a leader or for a system of protection and if the police can’t do that then gangs or other unrighteous leaders will rise to the power. Maybe they shouldn’t be receiving insane amounts of money, but we certainly do not want to defund them completely.

I understand the concept of “all lives can’t matter until Black lives do” but they are also not the only ones hurting or in need during this time. Right now for me the life that matters most is my newborn baby. Her life matters too and she is the one I need to focus on right now. Just because I’m not able to prioritize being active in this movement through protests and sharing resources online doesn’t mean that I don’t love and support people of color. I do. I also do not want to be passive through this because this is an important time in history to be showing support- because we can make a change together. Most of all the lesson I’ve learned is that as a new parent I need to be teaching my children to LOVE and celebrate everyone always -even through their differences. 

*I understand if you do not agree with my viewpoints but I also kindly ask for no hate on this post. Writing my thoughts down has helped me to clear my mind, I am open to a change of thought and will continue to educate myself as issues arise.

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