Chloe: 1 Month Old

Chloe has been in our family for 1 whole month now! We cannot believe how much she has grown already. I want to do these little monthly updates to track her growth through her first year of life. I will try to keep them short (and in this format) so that I can stay on top of writing them. Here is what her first month looked like:



  • 9.2 lbs
  • Wearing newborn clothes and newborn diapers
  • All her socks and mittens fall off because she’s still too small
  • Got back up to her birth weight in about 10 days
  • We have noticed most of her growth is the circumference of her head


Honestly she’s been a really happy baby for the most part. She is happiest when she is held on my chest or gets snuggles from dad. She makes cute little noises while eating or sleeping. She does really well in the car or stroller and usually goes right to sleep. The only time she really cries if if she is hungry or needs changed.

img_1816Latest Skills:

  • Tight grasp with her fingers
  • Starting to lift her head and strengthen her neck
  • Always stretching
  • Grunting and quick sighs that sound like giggles
  • Almost smiling
  • Sticks her tongue out
  • Can slowly track with her eyes within a foot of her face
  • Kicking feet in a walking motion when laying on her back
  • Likes to hold her hands close to her face
  • Self- soothes by sucking her fist


  • Eats pretty well through the day and- usually just once at night
  • Can change back and forth from breastfeeding to bottle
  • Has only had breastmilk


  • Sleeps in 3-4 hour lengths at night
  • Naps range from 30 mins to 2 hours
  • Sleeps in bassinet at night and in the crib for naps
  • Not currently on a sleep schedule but I hope to figure that out soon


  • Lost umbilical stump
  • First at home bath
  • Met most of Sheldon’s immediate family that lives nearby
  • First road trip to Pocatello (including the craft store!)

Current Favorites:

  • Snuggles
  • Wubbanub binkie
  • Footie pjs
  • MommaRoo bouncer

Other Observations:

Chloe was born with deep dark blue eyes and thin wispy medium blonde hair. Her hair has been getting a little lighter since bringing her home and in some light I think I can see a little hint of red in it. We have also noticed that her fingers and legs are long. For those who are curious- here is a comparison of baby photos. I personally think she looks a lot like baby Sheldon, but I can’t see past all my hair.


My postpartum update:

My c-section scar is sealed up but the skin above it stings and is still really tender. Breastfeeding has been painful so I pump half of the time, but thankfully I have a lot of milk for her. Mentally I’m doing really well, I’m just so grateful to have her in our family. I don’t usually get a ton of sleep but some nights are better than others and I can often get an afternoon nap. I’ve been able to go on some walks to get fresh air and work on my strength. I still have some light bleeding. It has been hard to have to figure things out alone- Sheldon is at work all day and I haven’t really had people over because of the virus situation. I just have to take things little by little but I’m figuring it out.


Thanks for reading! Chloe has brought such a sweet spirit into our home and we love her so much already. I’m excited to see how she grows and for the memories we will make together.


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