…And Then There Were Four (May 2020)

This month will go down as one of the best because Chloe could finally join our family! (In the title I’m including Koda as a family member.) Since her arrival we’ve kept things pretty simple because we want to enjoy all the newborn snuggles. Here is the breakdown of our May…

The final weeks of pregnancy came with much anticipation and impatience. I had my last few doctor visits, and final ultrasound. We did things to prepare like cleaning, meal prepping, took final bump photos, etc. One night I even took Sheldon out to Texas Roadhouse for one final date night with just us two (we did it quarantine style as takeout and ate in the parked car.) I’ll link the 3rd trimester post HERE.

Bumpdates: 36 weeks- 39 weeks. I’m no longer pregnant! woohoo.

Then the most special day of our lives, Chloe’s birth. I have a full blog about it that I’ll link HERE. (It is password protected so search engines and internet creeps can’t find/read it, but if you’d like to read it just message or text me for the password.) Chloe was born via c-section on May 13th at 6:34 am. She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz, and was 18.5 inches long. Both Chloe and I left the hospital safe and healthy. I was really happy with my birth experience; the staff and facility were so accommodating and made us feel really comfortable and cared for.

Since her birth Sheldon and I have just been learning to be parents. I need a little extra recovery time because of the c-section, so we have been taking slow walks and relaxing. I know many are upset at this decision, but because of the current coronavirus pandemic we decided to wait a few weeks for family to see or hold our Chloe. I’ve actually received some rude comments that I’m being selfish- but I’m just trying to protect her during these unknown times. We have been slowly introducing her family and some friends in a safe way- but I still insist on hand washing.


Pupdate: First of all Koda turned 1 year old! We did a simple little celebration for him, he got a new toy and a puppuchino. Koda was able to take his cone off because he fully recovered from being fixed. He has been much more obedient since his procedure, so it was a good choice. He also had to spend his first 3 days away from us while we were in the hospital- he stayed with Sheldon’s parents. Then he also got to meet his little sister Chloe, he’s been very curious about her but so sweet and gentle too.

My creative projects this month: I did two large watercolor paintings for her nursery and sold more things in my May clay jewelry sale.

Other noteworthy things from May: We bought a griddle to grill burgers and eggs outside. Sheldon finished building a shed in our backyard to store our outdoor things like his bikes and the mower. We were able to our renew temple recommends even while temples are closed which gives us hope things will open again soon. I also finally hit 1,000 followers on Instagram which sounds silly but I use social media to connect with people and find customers for my art, so it is an exciting milestone.


We are looking forward to June because Chloe will get to meet some of my family. We also are excited to be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more next month, including a trip to Utah.

Thanks for reading along! More coming soon, so be sure to put your email in the “subscribe” box to follow along and be the first to read the updates. Happy June!




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