Currently Thriving (Apr 2020)

Can you believe that we have had another full month of this craziness in the world? I hate that it seems to be the only thing to talk about these days. BUT thankfully for me, like I’ve said, my life really hasn’t changed a whole lot even with this going on. Being pregnant during the time of the virus has actually been pretty healthy for me to be able to allow myself to slow down and take time to relax. My main activities during the quarantine have included weekly hospital visits, family zoom calls, opening baby gifts and amazon packages, occasional take out, some short walks around town when I’m feeling up to it, and keeping my mind creative by doing fun craft projects.

One of the first things we always do in April is listen to General Conference. This conference came at such a perfect time. Honestly, the world needed messages of hope and light right now and that is exactly what we got, it was such a blessing to be able to listen and feel inspired by our church leaders. The themes I noticed were mostly about the restoration of the church, personal growth, and the Book of Mormon. One of my favorite talks was this one called “Prayers of Faith” by Henry B. Eyring. This conference was especially unique though because of several different factors. First there was no live choir- to follow social distancing the songs were all prerecorded. There was no also live audience in the conference center- all the meetings were were transmitted to radio/streaming services and the speakers were the only ones present in the room when they went live. Also this particular conference was planned to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision and the restoration of the church so there were special messages about him and a new special proclamation shared after a worldwide virtual hosanna shout. It was a really cool experience to be a part of and it always amazes me how the speakers are inspired to share the messages that we need to hear.


We didn’t do much for Easter this year, I didn’t even buy a new dress or anything. If I had more energy and could have gone shopping to prepare I guess we could have done an egg painting activity or something. Next year when we have our baby girl to help celebrate I’ll get a little more creative. One thing we did do special on Easter is we went on a little drive up the canyon to take some pictures– it was pretty bumpy and hurt my pregnant belly a bit, but I’m glad we were able to go explore a little bit. We also had our “at home/ quarantine” church, which has actually been really special for the two of us each Sunday during the lockdown. We are so blessed that Sheldon holds the priesthood so that we can have the sacrament while confined to our home. Having the home study program really guides us in our study and helps us to discuss our beliefs and testimonies in ways we may not normally do.


We had our anniversary during quarantine- this year we celebrated 4 years together. Each year we have figured out how to include the temple in our anniversary celebration somehow, but this year all the temples are closed. We simply celebrated by grabbing a Redbox movie, take-out Mexican food, and a chocolate pie. It was really simple, but actually still a really good day.

I’ll keep my pregnancy update short since I have separate blog posts for that. This month’s “bumpdates” are from 34 to 37 weeks. I’m mostly just hanging in there. There’s not a whole lot happening except that baby is continually growing and so is my clumsiness. We have been doing little things to prepare for her, mostly collecting diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. We also filled our deep freezer and pantry so we are ready to go and I packed the hospital bag. This month I would say that the nursery is mostly done except for a few small details. I think I’ll write a blog post on it soon because I love how it turned out!


And now for our “pupdate”… Koda is now 11 months old. He has been enjoying hanging outside on his chain a couple hours each day (one day we will need a fence but the chain works great for now.)  He loves the extra attention and play time that he has been getting from us while we are being quarantined. Koda has been potty trained for awhile now, BUT has had a few incidents of marking, wandering off, etc. So we decided to get him neutered before baby comes. The poor pup was so sleepy and in pain when we picked him up from the vet, but it only took about 2 days for him to fully get his little playful personality back. He still has to wear the cone of shame for a few more days as he heals up.


We decided to try out a new vet because our previous doctor moved to a new clinic- so I did my research and called around to probably 6 or more different places to find the best one for us. The one we decided on ended up being about 45 mins away and his little surgery was going to be a few hours long. While I was out of town waiting on the pup I decided to take a little adventure day trip to Bear Lake State Park which ended up not being too far away. I’m too pregnant to hike around anywhere or swim on my own, but I spent a little bit of time walking around with my camera then drove back into town. It was a fun little way to pass the time and I even treated myself to a gas station slushy while I waited for Koda’s little surgery to finish up.


We did a few  more house renovations this month. After getting our new carpet in last month we decided to order base boards. Sheldon and I worked together to put those in each of the bedrooms. I was the brains of the project- figuring out which angles to cut everything and Sheldon was the brans to actually cut and nail everything into place and caulk the edges. We have decided to hold off on actually painting them for a bit though since they came in a white color and it isn’t super noticeable for the mean time. We have done a few things in the yard too- Sheldon brought home a tractor one day to remove the round clothes line that came with the house when we bought it. He also filled in the holes in our rocky driveway. Sheldon got our lawn mower fixed up and has been working on reviving the grass. We also discovered a weird-alien-looking plant growing in the corner of our yard- we could not figure out what it was until we asked some gardener friends. They let us know it is rhubarb, and a pretty healthy rhubarb plant at that, haha so I’ll need to figure out how to use it. Sheldon and his brother also leveled a base for our future shed coming in May. Lastly we have been organizing our basement with boxes and shelves- we even decluttered a bunch of unnecessary large items by selling them on facebook marketplace.


With all of the current changes in the world because of the virus my sister Mckinsey was unable to walk in graduation. I wanted to celebrate it in a fun way so I scheduled a surprise zoom party for her where we all played virtual games, wore BYU clothes, watched a little slideshow, and ate popcorn. I know it wasn’t as good as all actually getting together, but I thought it was a fun time under the circumstances. Congratulations Mckinsey!

My creative projects this month… As always, I had some fun craft projects while listening to conference; one was watercolor painting some flowers, and the other was making mini gift bags from scrapbook paper. I actually figured out how to make the mini gift bags on my own and decided to share a little tutorial on my instagram stories- many of my followers enjoyed the “craft along”. While we watch tv in the evenings I’ve been making more clay jewelry as gifts and to sell. I’ve also been making a few things for baby like bows, swaddle blankets, and a painting for her room.


Things we look forward to in May; our baby girl’s birth! We are so excited to be her parents and to meet this precious baby. Sheldon is looking forward to doing more outdoor activities such as building the shed and mountain biking. I’m looking forward to flowers and blossoms- so far we have only had some tulips pop up around town and I’m excited to see more color. ALSO, Koda will be turning 1 year old so I think we will do a little puppy party for him which should be fun. I look forward to the day we can finally have visitors and see family again- who knows when that’ll be though.

This feels like a longer blog post. It is weird that even while keeping things simple I had so much to write about for April. Thanks for reading along. We have some fun posts coming soon- especially with lil sis joining our little fam! Be sure to subscribe/follow to be the first to read our updates. Thanks for your support, see you next blog!



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