Projects at Home + a Little Escape (Mar 2020)

Honestly this month has consisted mostly of these few things: home cooked meals, visits to the hospital, and lots of clay jewelry. The quarantined pregnant life is an exciting one for sure, haha.


With the whole Corona Virus scare we have been “quarantined” at home to help reduce the spread. Thankfully Sheldon still has work, and we are still able to go to the grocery store, so for us life really hasn’t changed very much. What has changed is that some future plans have fallen through, we can’t hang out with friends, many stores are closed now (like craft and clothing stores- so I’ve resorted to online shopping), we can’t go to church now so we have been doing our worship at home, and when we choose to eat out we have to take it “to-go”. Honestly all those things are’t aren’t too hard to adapt to, it is all a weird change, but nothing too crazy. While being at home I’ve been trying new recipes, catching up on some shows and podcasts, hand painting details in painting baby’s room, making several crafts, at home church, taking walks a few times a week, and calling my family and friends on the phone more often than I usually would.

Bumpdate for March: 29- 33 weeks. I’ve been feeling more and more pregnant every day- at this point I don’t know if my bump is actually growing much anymore but I know that things are going on in there for sure. I’m not really swolen yet, but it is difficult to sleep and when I do I snore pretty bad (poor Sheldon). She’s getting more and more cramped and I can feel her kicks stronger than ever, and now can feel her hicups. One sad thing that happened is that I had to cancel both of my baby showers– you can read about how COVID-19 affected my pregnancy HERE. We have been getting such kind gifts from you guys for our baby girl, so thanks to all who have sent us something.

In attempt to run away from being so isolated Sheldon and I took a little adventure day date to Fall Creek Falls near the Palisades Reservoir. Sheldon’s drone was the hero in capturing such cools angles of the entire falls. While access was just off the side of the road and required no hike- it was difficult to see the entire falls without the drone. It was a fun little escape from all the negativity and isolation that has been going on. Nature + fresh air + pretty scenery really has a way of cleansing the soul. We were able to “social distance” while still getting out which was so nice! We also bought square ice cream. Yum!

“Pupdate”: Koda has loved that it is getting warmer outside; he’s been spending more and more time sitting outside on the chain, and especially likes chasing the birds in the backyard. It’s been fun to throw the ball and disks for him outside to get some exercise and fresh air. We are so also excited for him to be the “older brother” to our baby girl. I can imagine how cute they will play together, and I try not to think about the mischief they will cause together. Eek!

The Home Renovations have continued this month with some exciting transformations. We ordered carpet for all 3 bedrooms with help from my parents. Each room had a bright bold color that was very stretched out and stained. For that to happen we had to remove the tiny old baseboards and make sure all the walls were painted as we want them to be. We ended up repainting the nursery and craft room in white and the master bedroom in a darker gray color, which cleaned everything up really nicely. The previous carpet colors were; blue, orange, and red… beautiful right? Towards the end of the month we had the contractor remove the old carpet and padding which turned out to be a larger project than he thought. Then he put brand new thick padding down and installed our beautiful new light gray carpet. We love it, looks great and feels even better! What a great relief to get rid of the old stuff and have new clean stuff for baby girl to crawl around on, we are so excited to have it. AND what a difference it makes in our home!

Another thing we’ve been doing to the house is preparing the nursery. I saw some leafy wallpaper awhile back that really wanted for her room but it was going to be so expensive for just one wall. So I decided to make stencils and paint it myself! It is still a work in progress, but it has been fun to work on and saved us money! I’ll be sure to share the finished product on the blog when I can.

I had a variety of creative projects this month which has been so good for me honestly. The main one included making more clay and tassel jewelry that I ended up selling. Then because of quarantine I sold “happy boxes” with surprise jewelry/craft supplies/candy/ and a note which were super popular last week. I just kept selling them until I ran out of bubble mailers. Between the jewelry and “happy boxes” I sent out like 26ish packages between 5 trips to the post office this month. I learned that packaging is one of my favorite things to do- when something is packaged cute it really makes an impact. I also did a few simple family watercolor paintings and lettering that you can see those on my craft IG. Another thing I did was finished a weaving on my homemade loom (I think this is my third now) – I really enjoy learning to incorporate new textures and patterns into these weaving designs.

Other noteworthy things from this month- Having a shamrock shake, if you know me this is a big deal, haha! I got a memory drive with backup photos from my dad which meant a lot, after loosing so much data last month. We also have switched from Netflix to Disney Plus- so we have enjoyed the fun new content to watch.

Thanks for following along! We will see you again for more updates in April. Remember- the blog always gets the updates first, so be sure to “subscribe/ follow” with your email or blogging account to never miss a post!


2 thoughts on “Projects at Home + a Little Escape (Mar 2020)

  1. Those are some great jewelry projects and I love the weaving! Those carpet colors were pretty “special”, nice that you could update before baby comes. Glad you are doing well, cant wait to hear of baby girl’s arrival.


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