COVID-19 and other Pregnancy Complications | UPDATE

Hello friends. Thank you for being faithful readers- I figure that if you clicked on this post it is because you genuinely care about what is going on with me right now. So thank you, I’m ok, but let’s chat about what is going on.

It has been a weird time to be alive, nothing is certain and everything is stressful. It is even herder to navigate it all while pregnant. Who would’ve known that this virus would make it impossible to buy toilet paper and that wearing masks in the grocery store would  basically be a fashion trend. Schools and offices have been closing, and events like graduations and weddings have been cancelled. One of the saddest things (in my opinion) is that missionaries all over the world are being sent home early. What is this life? I thought we would be safe living in a small Idaho town, but even here the world is flipped on its side.

What this means for me…

Well while there’s no evidence that pregnant women are affected any worse than others with the virus, we have been placed in the high risk category. I’ve really been doing my best to stay home unless I’m getting groceries, dropping something at the post office, or at the hospital for a check up. I haven’t really physically interacted with other humans for several days now. Thankfully it is getting warmer outside and I’ve been able to take Koda on walks a few times a week while still social distancing. Thankfully Sheldon works in the ag industry which for now is considered essential- so he currently still has work. Huge blessings. I’ve been able to take things slowly. It’s been nice to allow time to relax and do some creative projects, it has keep my mind in a good place.

What breaks my heart the most…

I had to cancel both of my Baby showers. AND because of the corona virus and current state regulations I don’t even know if my parents or grandma will be able travel here to meet my baby for awhile. I had one baby shower scheduled for this weekend in Idaho and one planned two weeks out in Utah. I was really looking forward to being able to celebrate my sweet little girl. She’s our first child, we’ve never been parents, this is a big deal to us. Honestly, I really looked to these showers as both the physical and emotional support that I needed to prepare for her arrival.

I had a melt down on Sunday evening because it finally set in that cancelling was the right thing to do. It was a hard decision to make, but I feel like it was necessary to comply with all the current restrictions on gatherings. As much as I wanted to have a baby shower I think it would be selfish and irresponsible to continue. People are canceling and postponing weddings, graduations, and are loosing their jobs. As unfair as it feels, I just really don’t think that continuing with my baby showers would be following social distance guidelines. I know that I could do something virtual or something after she’s born, but it just won’t be the same. There are many things that we still need to be ready for little sis so if you would like to help us out I’ll link our baby registry. I hope we can eventually have a little party to celebrate her life, but the way things currently are, I just don’t know when that will be.

I’m really trying to keep a positive attitude about it all and still really need the support from family and friends even if it is just a positive message or simple text. I just would hate to be at fault if people came to my party and got contaminated with the virus or spread it to someone at high risk. In thinking it was the best choice for everyone involved I decided to cancel both my Idaho and Utah baby showers, something I’ve literally been looking forward to since before I was pregnant. Thanks to those that have spent time and resources in preparing for my baby showers, those things have not gone unnoticed.

What brings me hope…

I’m grateful for the hope and love of a little one on the way. Her little kicks are so comforting to me- they remind me that she’s always with me and that I’m her mamma. That’s what matters and no one can take that away. It gives me peace and joy just to think that she will be joining our little family. She will be so very loved, it makes me emotional to think about honestly. Right now things are slow and a little confusing, but I have faith that God planned it that way. The government has power to cancel a lot of things, but they cannot cancel the fact that I’m going to have a baby girl in just a few short weeks. 

Other complications…


Another thing. At my first full anatomy ultrasound they found that I have a two vessel cord. I guess that a normal umbilical cord has three cords; two arteries in and one vein out of baby. But I just have two: so one in, and one out. While it isn’t super worrisome it is uncommon and could cause some potential issues in the kidney’s or growth of baby. My doctor has been taking extra precautions to make sure she’s growing right. From now on I have to have additional full anatomy ultrasounds every 3 weeks to check up on her growth, and we are doing non-stress tests every 2 weeks to make sure her heart rate and vitals look good over an extended period of time. So when you combine those things with my regular checkups, I’ll literally be at the hospital at least weekly from now until her birthday.

Sheldon and I both have the impression that she’s going to come early. All three of the anatomy ultrasounds I’ve done have placed me at least a full week ahead of the due date. She’s been measuring right at the 50th percentile so she’s definitely growing. I guess all we can do is wait and see at this point.


Anyyyywayssss. I just wanted to give you guys a little update and document it all for myself. It truly helps me to be able to write down my thought and feelings on this platform, both happy and sad. Again if you’d like to support our sweet baby girl during this time we would really appreciate a kind note or a simple gift. Heres the link to our registry once more:

Thanks so much for reading along and for your love during this time of unknowns. we are down to 50 days before her due date, what an exciting thought!


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 and other Pregnancy Complications | UPDATE

  1. Hi sweetie! My heart goes out to you, Sheldon and your families with all of this going on with the virus. This really is such a special time and it hurts my heart that you can’t celebrate the way you want to. I purchased something off your registry and it will deliver soon and it brought me so much joy when I was up late with my babies. I don’t want to ruin it but it’s one of my favorite things when having my babies that when I saw it On your registry I knew that was our gift. Take care and know you are loved from afar 🙂 can’t wait to follow along and keep
    Posting pics 💕 much love to you
    Nate & Jill, Dalon & Claire Jeppesen


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