Before the World Shut Down (Feb 2020)

I feel like February was the last month before the world fell apart. I’m writing this mid-March because this fell lower down on my priority list, but the current situation with Covid-19 makes it so many of these activities are not possible anymore. So keep in mind that we are currently doing what we can to follow social distancing rules even when Idaho has fewer cases than most other states. I have my own opinion about the virus but regardless, we are staying home and staying safe. Sending love to all of you that are affected by the virus or also going stir crazy at home. Here is the report about how we spent February 2020.

One evening on a Wednesday we were offered tickets to a Utah State basketball game. It was a fun little mid-week double date night, we joined Sheldon’s brother. It ended up being a late night and poor weather for driving but it was a fun free activity. The funniest part is that the tickets were given to a farmer as an incentive from John Deere, but he couldn’t go and gave them to sheldon…. literally a Case IH dealer. So JD literally treated their competition to a game haha!

Feeling a little cooped up and sluggish I went on a few wintery walks with sheldon and Koda. It is fun to bring my camera and capture the winter landscape in Idaho. We really live in a beautiful community.  I especially like when the trees freeze and look like they’ve been “dipped”.

We kept it simple for Valentine’s day again this year- but our trick is to go a few days before actual valentines day. It saves you from all the crowds! We did dinner at Fuji the hibachi grill in pocatello, it was delicious as ever!

For Sheldon’s birthday I got him tickets to the BYU/ Gonzaga basketball game, and that was probably one of the best things I could have given him. Sadly I was feeling too pregnant to sit at the game with him so he went alone but BYU WON! So it was a great game for him to be at. I also got him a nice frisbee golf net for him to practice putting in our yard. Both Sheldon and Koda have really enjoyed being able to throw disks as it gets a little warmer out, I know they’ll continue to love it in the summer. My grandma bought sheldon a yummy chocolate cake for his birthday and we all celebrated together- it seems to be a tradition to be at my grandma’s house for his birthday, haha.

While in Utah we made sure to visit my sisters, we did brunch in at The Crepery in Provo. It was a yummy breakfast place and fun place to hang out for a bit.


We have been continuing with simple house renovations this month. I don’t really have pictures to share; but we cleaned up and painted all the baseboards, bought a recliner, painted the walls white in the nursery and craft room, we also picked up a hand-me-down bassinet and glider, and I organized the craft room so it is now super fun and creative place for me to hang out.

Bumpdate for February: 25 -28 weeks. (2nd trimester blog) I’ve still been feeling pretty good. I had my GD test and passed no problem, and had Kelsey come to an anatomy ultrasound with me when Sheldon couldn’t. I also wanted to share the link to our registry if you’d like to help out, we would really appreciate it.


“Pupdate”Koda is 9 months old, he likes that it is starting to warm up a little bit and is curious about the melting snow. He has been found sun bathing in front of our windows and could watch outside for hours. Everyone is an exciting friend to him. He also enjoys playing disk golf when Sheldon comes home for lunch.


My creative projects included- I finished editing Rob’s wedding photos, I made up some watercolor quotes that you can see on my IG, I finished up Caleisa’s  engagement and wedding videos, I did a fun IG giveaway, I finished a fun textured weaving, did more crafting with Tobie, and made business cards and official pricing for Lloyd Adventure Films.


Other noteworthy things from this month include- I redid my hair again- I lightened it in January but wanted it even lighter so I went back and am much happier with the results, it feels good to be so blonde again! Sheldon was able to play basketball several times with a local group of guys. During one of our trips to Utah I got ring fixed up and cleaned which is always fun. I received really sad news about loosing all the files on an external hard drive. We bought a comfy recliner from Ashley Furniture. I also made a few posts for Nabee Compression socks, Sheldon and I got our first shamrock shakes of the season, and we checked in on the ongoing Pocatello Temple construction!


Thanks for reading along! I apologize that this month’s post is a little late. See you next blog.


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