2nd Trimester Update

I’ve officially made it to the third trimester of pregnancy with our first baby. In some ways I’m in denial that I am so far along already, but in other ways I feel like this has already taken awhile. I feel like my experience is different than others in that I was happy and excited during my first trimester and I really lost energy in my second. It is an incredible experience to be going through and truly a miracle to read about everything that my body just knows how to do. In this blog I’ll be sharing answers to some of the common questions I’ve been getting along the way, but if you have more questions be sure to comment them below.

Bump Photos From 13 – 27 Weeks

This trimester baby grew from the size of a lemon to the size of an eggplant. Look at the babiest bump at fourteen weeks lol. My turnover day is on Saturday and I usually take my bump photo on Sunday afternoons after church when I’m still put together.

What Are Your Second Trimester Symptoms?

Towards the first several weeks of the second trimester I was having some acid reflux. I never really got morning sickness but I would sometimes loose my breakfast in the shower because my stomach got backed up, not from nausea. I remember for a little while everything I ate would have a bad aftertaste to me and I chewed a lot of gum but shortly after we found out the gender I had a heightened appetite. I am already feeling huge, have leg cramps, and my back gets stiff at night, it is hard to sit in hard chairs for long- which makes sitting through church a struggle without a stretch break. It was hard to tell the difference between my own digestion and her wiggles, at first it felt like little bubbles. But around 20 weeks I really started to feel her wiggle and kick in there and now Sheldon can feel them too. I also started to feel small/ short Braxton Hicks contractions at 24 weeks. I always thought contractions would feel like your abs are just involuntarily flexing but (upon learning your abs are ripped in half anyway) I’ve discovered my uterus tightens and hets hard, it was a weird feeling I’ve never experienced before.

How Are You Feeling?

I always assume this question is aimed at my body, so I will answer it that way. I’m feeling good. I’m usually just always tired and hungry. It is hard to watch myself get so big and uncomfortable so quickly. It is hard to not pick apart my changing body (especially my round face) and just accept that I’m part of the miracle of creating life. I still have an innie belly button (thank goodness!) but it is stretched out flat. Like NONE of my clothes fit anymore; so I can only wear leggings and Sheldon’s t-shirts. I’m sadly starting to see a few stretch marks on breasts and thighs. I haven’t had any swelling on my hands or feet yet, so I am still able to wear my wedding ring. Sleeping has been hard these last few weeks because of achy body and big belly. I also constantly have lots of zits on my back and cleavage. I really wish that I could continue the workout class that I was so faithfully doing during my first trimester- but we live to far away since our move and the roads are too icy to be consistent with walking/jogging.

Have You Had Any Cravings?

I have not had any craving emergencies like they say you get during pregnancy. The “cravings” I have had haven’t been anything different than what I would normally desire to eat. I’ve noticed most evenings I want some kind of chocolate or sweets so I have been baking a lot at night. I did crave pop tarts one day but thats not super unusual for me. I also still have 2 breakfasts almost every day.

What Is Baby Lloyd’s Gender?

BABY GIRL! We found out the gender at 16 weeks over Thanksgiving break at Fetal Fotos in Utah. It was fun because my whole immediate family was there with us as we found out. We were thrilled to find out that baby Lloyd is a girl but I was honestly so surprised because I had convinced myself it was going to be a boy. I’ll link the blog where I tried to predict the gender HERE.

How Are The Appointments Going?

They’ve been going well. My Doctor is great at answering my questions and making me feel comfortable. I was weighing a little heavier after Christmas but that is also when I began to really notice her start to grow. We had a fun 21 week ultrasound for the full anatomy scan and confirmed that she indeed is a girl. That went well and I got several more pictures for our fridge. I also took the Gestational Diabetes test at 27 weeks and passed without any problem. (Also the sugary drink that I took for that was seriously no big deal, not sure why people freak out about it. I would dare say it was even yummy…)

What Have You Been Doing To Prepare?

The biggest thing that we’ve done to prepare is that we bought a house! You can read more about that on the November post (linked HERE) Another thing I’ve been doing is that I’ve been educating myself several different ways. I’ve attended 3 different birth classes at the hospital, had a breast feeding class with WIC, been learning from birth story podcasts, been reading my “what to expect” book, and using apps to track her growth along the way. I guess you could say I began “nesting” by deep organizing our house since around 25 weeks, but still have a lot to do. In the nursery Sheldon has put together the crib and painted the walls white. Next to do is to finish painting, decorate, and organize the nursery.

What Are Your Favorite Things This Trimester?

I’ll list a few of my favorites; Sheldon’s large t-shirts, Aerie leggings, maternity underwear, my cozy sherpa zip up, Nabee compression socks, kinesiology tape to relieve pressure on my belly, homemade PB cups, flavored water packets to stay hydrated, and a fetal doppler to listen to her heartbeat before I could feel her wiggles (that I borrowed from Kelsey).

What Things Have You Already Purchased For Baby?

We have gotten a few gifts already; One of the first things we got was a crib form Ikea, we got a pack of diapers, some cute clothes that just make me melt, some hand made blankets and burp cloths, cute little headbands, some bottles/ binkies, and other gently used things like that that I scored from FB marketplace. Theres still a lot to get but I hope that my baby showers will help us gather the things that we need- here’s a link to our registry if you’re interested in helping out.

Do You Have A Name Picked Out?

Yes we do… but we haven’t told ANYONE yet. Not even our family or friends. It is a name that we both love, feels unique, but has a normal spelling (ie nothing funky haha.) We plan to keep her name a secret until we meet her and confirm that it feels 100% right.

Well we are on the down slope now; only three months left or less than 90 days! I’m excited to see Sheldon become a dad. We are both a little anxious about he added responsibilities but both agree that the timing of adding to our family feels right. We are excited to create family traditions and begin making memories with our little girl. Thanks for reading along and following my pregnancy! Be sure to click “FOLLOW” to get these updates sent to your email. Subscribers are notified first before any other platform.



2 thoughts on “2nd Trimester Update

  1. I just love your blogs! You are sooo on top of things… (but wait 4 or 5 more months until taking a shower and putting clean clothes on YOURSELF becomes a major daily accomplishment- haha)!
    Something that helped me with sleeping (all those years ago) was a long body pillow because I needed to sleep on my side.
    I hope you continue to feel well!!


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