Celebrating + A Fresh Start (Jan 2020)

January always feels like a fresh start to me because of new year’s and also because of my birthday. We began the month by ringing in the new year with a party and balloon drop with some friends. I got the idea for a balloon drop because my family did them growing up- I added my own twist by incorporating a gold and black color scheme. We had over 100 balloons with the drop and decor. This was a house warming party for us too because it was the first time that we hosted guests other than family in our new home. I especially liked wearing a gold jumpsuit- when else will I have the excuse to wear that?! I wrote a blog post about my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, I’ll link it HERE.

Sheldon and I had the excuse to go on a day date just the two of us without our puppy. We went to his friend Rob’s Wedding in Twin Falls, Idaho. We actually photographed this wedding together- I used the Sony and Sheldon used my new Canon and flew the drone. After the ceremony and photos we went out to eat with them at Golden
Coral and then out to see the new Star Wars movie. (It honestly ended up just being a good nap for me, but sheldon enjoyed it, haha.) After the movie we finished photographing at their pretty church reception. I’ll link their gallery HERE if you wanna see it.

January is my birthday month; to celebrate we went out on a wintery drive to take some landscape photos, and on a little hike with Koda, then out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. One night we did a Bob Ross painting night at home, (p.s. I think that Sheldon did an awesome job on his!) For my birthday; Sheldon bought me a new top and a hair crimper, I also got the most beautiful hand made picnic quilt from my mom along with some other fun things for little sis. I had a great birthday and felt very loved- thanks to everyone who reached out to help me feel loved.

Heres a short update on House renovations. We painted a second coat of light blue paint around the entire house except for bedrooms, and began painting baseboards white, we changed out the lighting fixture in the bathroom for a more modern one that we found on fb marketplace for $10, and Sheldon made a little shelf above the oven for our microwave which gave us more counter space.

Bumpdate: (21- 24 weeks) My belly is really growing and I’m feeling huge and heavy already. I bought baby girl some clothes and set up a registry (I’ll link it HERE). I had my 21 wk ultrasound, began moving things around in the nursery to make room or lil sis. I’ve been taking more selfies and photos of my growing belly to keep a positive perspective and document the journey. Be on the lookout for a full 2nd trimester blog coming next week!

Pupdate: Koda has been really good at returning to us after going outside. We have began to let him outside without a leash (which has scared us because we don’t have a fence at our house). We have a special word that we use with an extra good reward like a chunk or chicken or lunchmeat. He’s been very responsive to it- so much that we often don’t even have to call him to come back when he is done “pottying”. Koda now weighs 18 lbs- which is larger than we expected him to be. We really hope he is fully grown because his size right now is perfect for us.

Creative projects: I photographed and edited Rob’s wedding photos, edited Karson’s wedding video, edited Caleisa’s wedding photos, I shared my 2020 Watercolor Temple Calendar, I watercolor painted several temple and home paintings that you can view on my sunflowers IG. I also began creating content for Nabee Socks through blogging, taking photos, and making videos for their website.

Other noteworthy things: We saw the last Star Wars movie together, I finally got my hair done with an ashy blonde balayage and fresh cut (it has been over 1.5 years since my last color and almost a year since my last trim- yikes!), had a few painting and clay craft days with Tobie, I made a bunch of pupusas one night for family, I got stuck driving in the snow TWICE (seems to be a birthday tradition…)! I went to the stake sisters trip to the Logan temple, Sheldon and I spoke in our new church congregation together, and we had a nice dinner out at BWW.

We are looking forward to celebrating Sheldon’s birthday in Utah next month, I’m going to a collaborative valentine’s photoshoot with Kendra Bird, I have my glucose test for GD, etc. Thanks so much for reading along! See you in February.



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