New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

My Goals and Resolutions for 2020.

New year’s is so close to my birthday that January always feels like a fresh start to me. So with the new decade it is time for some new goals. While we have some big changes coming to our family this year I want to make sure to take time to prepare myself and grow personally. There’s many new things that I’m going to have to learn with little sister joining us in May. BUT these goals are structured specifically for me in my personal growth. I really don’t expect anyone to read this because it is a pretty personal list of my goals; but I thought I’d write them here to hold myself accountable and to possibly inspire someone else. I have 5 main goals for the new year in 2020- lets go!


1- “Do it Anyways!”

  • This past year I kept getting discouraged from doing things that I wanted to do because I was dependent on other people or their opinions. BUT this year I’m going to just do the things I feel inspired to do. No excuses and no people pleasing.
  • I’m going to say yes to more opportunities and no to things that I know will drain my and my resources. I will do the things I do for me and I will do them for God. I especially love this quote (pictured to the right) it is the main inspiration for my 2020 goals.

2- Healthy Baby Mama

  • I really got to a great point in 2019 (from July through November) when I did the “No Sugar Challenge“. (“No sugar” is meant towards things like candy, baked goods, sodas, and other things with high processed sugars… natural sugars like what is found in fruit are fine for this challenge.) I adapted it to my needs, listened to my body and only allowed myself sugar 2x on weekends. I eventually got to the point when I didn’t even eat processed sugar on the weekends either because I didn’t want it, but I also didn’t feel deprived of it if I really needed a snack. I noticed that I felt more satiated, had clearer skin, and my emotions were so much better. In a way I will be following intuitive eating by really listening to my body- this was endorsed by my therapist and my OB so I don’t feel like this is a bad “diet mentality” but rather a more mindful way of eating. I know my body doesn’t need processed sugar so I’d like to continue this through the year.
  • I’ll be doing Cardio 4x weekly; which while I’m pregnant it may just be taking Koda on a walk around the neighborhood, and after baby comes will transition into jogging and a local workout class. I’d really love work up to doing a 10k this fall pushing baby girl in the stroller.
  • I really want to only have positive thoughts and comments about my body. As silly as this may sound I will do this by sharing more selfies on social media- this will help me to practice self love and embrace my changing body during and after pregnancy. I want to be able to teach baby girl that she is beautiful but that her worth goes so much deeper than that, and I need to understand it myself first.

3- Sabbath Sunday

  • Sunday has always been my sabbath day, but I really want to be mindful of it this year. This means that I want to keep Sunday sacred by limiting media to things that remind me of our Savior Jesus Christ and inspire. I’ll be reading my scriptures (especially the “Come Follow Me” lessons), listening to gospel/ inspiring music and conference talks, and spend my time in quiet thought by writing letters/ journaling/ etc.

4- Up my Photo/Video game

  • I would like to build my clientele for photo/video services. I want to specifically do 5 more paid weddings this year! This means I’ll need to market myself– create a website, business cards, and create “packages” pricing, etc.
  • Invest time and money in educating myself and creating unique experiences like stylized shoots and group collaborations/projects with other local creative people.

5- Reach Out

  • This is a broad goal that I’ll need to follow promptings for; but I want to be better this year at ministering to those in my life. I’m going to use my Sunday afternoons to write cards- (thank you cards, birthday cards, checking in cards- who doesn’t love getting “non-junk” mail”?)
  • I’ll also catch up with old friends, and make new ones. This may mean I need to make a phone call/ send a DM/ stop by for a visit/ etc when I think about someone. I also want to take initiative to invite new friends to do things with me- like go on a walk/ out to lunch/ over for crafts/ skype call/ etc.


Far reaching manifestations: (I got this idea from Sierra Schultzie from her podcast about manifesting a crazy goal – she said she would get a million youtube subscribers last year thinking that was a far reach, but she did it!) If I manifest these rather than keeping them in maybe they’ll just happen for me too.

  • Make it to a new country- even if it is just new for Sheldon, like Canada
  • Visit three new national parks- a stretch, but possible
  • Book a $1,000+ wedding- yikes this scares me, but if it happens, it’ll be this year!
  • Train for and run a 10K race with baby girl in the jogger
  • Reach 1500 followers on my personal IG-  I’ll need to gain about 55 each month
  • Finish my queen sized rainbow quilt
  • Create an “educate series” on Youtube- to teach about blogging/ painting/ recipes/ crafts/ etc.

Thats what I’ve got for my goals this year. I wrote most of these down in December and am just now getting to actually writing them on the blog. I’ve already began a few of these and I’m excited about the progress I can make in a year. Hey readers, I know this has been a more personal post but thanks for following along. CI want to know what your goals are this year, how are you doing on them so far? please comment your resolutions for 2020 below. I hope you have the best year yet!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

  1. Thanks for sharing. You and Sheldons paintings look great! Exciting to see you with baby bump. She will be here before you know it. Looks like the house is really coming along nicely. Many wonderful goals for the year. I wish you all the best in the year ahead. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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