2019 Highlights

2 0 1 9, WHAT A YEAR!

I just wanted to make a little blog post to review our highlights from each month of 2019. Thanks to all our family and friends involved we love you all and appreciate your support going into the new year. I love being able to look back at all the memories that we made, all that we’ve been through, and how we have each grown in just one year. I especially think it is so special this is the year we got our little puppy and baby girl began growing in my belly. Each of the monthly blog posts are linked in pink, and our 2019 recap video below.

January – We snorkeled and hiked in Hawaii, Went on a wintery drive for my birthday, moved into an apartment together after being apart to finish school.



February – We took photos and did lunch with my friend Peyton at the ice castle, we had a few friends join us sledding and at hot pots in Lava, Sheldon took a work trip to Florida, we went through the Idaho Falls Temple, and Celebrated Sheldon’s birthday at a hibachi grill.



March – Trip to Zion NP and Horseshoe Bend, I was a bridesmaid in Veronica’s wedding, first time skiing, and indoor sky diving with my dad.



April – Went to the tulip festival with my family, I filmed my second wedding ever at the SLC temple, We hiked to waterfalls, and helped to clean the Star Valley Temple.



May – Tetons and Palisades trip, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, SLC temple for Sheldon’s friends wedding.



June – I colored my hair pink, Sheldon biked to work and won a prize, I helped do flowers for a wedding in Island park, I opened up about my depression and anxiety, we explored the outdoors razor rides, and fishing.



July – Love letters museum with my fam, I caught a large catfish, 4th of July celebrations, Camping trip to cave falls with friends, Filmed a wedding in Star Valley, Stayed at Aspen Grove with my parents and hiking, AND we got our puppy Koda.



August – Fair week, Sheldon’s class reunion, Lloyd cousins camping trip, Bloomington Lake with my fam, and I began weekly crafting with Tobie.



September – Northern California mission remembrance trip, several photoshoot with friends, our annual drive to find fall leaves, island park stylized video shoot.



October – Yellowstone trip, brunch and pumpkin patch with sisters, got my ronin.



November – We announced our pregnancy and found out its a girl, and we bought a house, filmed a wedding in Twin Falls, Thanksgiving with my whole family.



December – We celebrated Christmas in our own home, we filmed a wedding in Provo CC, did lots of house renovations, and threw an awesome New Year’s party!



What a year it has been! Thanks for following along with our journey, see you in 2020!


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