House Renovations Update (December 2019)

Was December the quickest month of the year or what? Heres a quick update of what we were able to squeeze into our last month of 2019.

As we announced in our November post, we bought a house! I wanted to update the blog on the renovations we have done so far. We spent quite a bit of this month making changes to the house to make it feel more like home. First we did the basics of moving in and decorating it for Christmas and putting frames on the walls. But we also changed most of the upstairs flooring. We ripped up the old flooring in the kitchen, hallways, bathroom, pantry, closet, and laundry room and put in a lock-in vinyl flooring. It ended up being about 500 square feet of flooring that we replaced in about 3 days. After that we nailed in new baseboards around the entire house, and added transition strips between rooms with carpet. The bathroom looks completely different now that we added a new vanity and faucet along with the floor and paint. We painted most of the house a light blue/grey color which really cleaned up the place and makes it feel even brighter. We also changed the faucet in kitchen. Sheldon also changed out the old unmatching “boob lights” to more minimal flush-mount overhead lights. We are thankful to those that shared tools, time, and expertise while we were trying to do all of these projects. (These before and after shots below have had baseboards added and painting since I took them.) I’ll keep updating the blog as we change things around the house.

We still have quite a bit that we want to do to our house, but we have done all of this in one month, so we are feeling pretty accomplished already. We still need to paint the baseboards/door frames to match and cover the nail holes. All three bedrooms need work still. They have bright (red, blue, and orange) carpet that needs to be replaced and we would also like to paint in there but I have no idea on paint colors for those yet! As for longer term projects we would love to change the kitchen to add peninsula area to expand counter space and seating. We would also love to have a garage, shed, and fence outside but it will need to be warm outside for sheldon to build them. Eventually we will finish the basement to have two more bedrooms, another full bath, a storage room/ exercise area, and entertainment room. We recognize that all these changes are expensive and so they will come when we have time and resources to pay for them. We will do these changes little by little but I want to write them here to manifest them and look back on. Maybe our vision and dreams will change overtime. We shall see. However, we love how it is coming together already. This really is a great house because there is so much potential and has room to grow as our family grows.

This December we were able to go to 2 different ward Christmas parties. Since our move we had to change church congregations but felt it still appropriate to celebrate with both the old one and the new one. We also got to attend Sheldon’s work party in Logan. We always look forward to that party, this year the entire company was invited to the same party rather than splitting it by store and they played “price is right” for large prizes.

Christmas was extra special this year this year because it was just us in our own home. We didn’t have to worry about traveling and we could create some of our own traditions. We made treats to deliver to friends and neighbors- I enjoy making chocolates so I decided on peppermint bark and Oreo balls. The oreo balls were a HIT, we got so many compliments on them. For those asking I used THIS recipe and added a little powdered sugar and almond extract to the Oreo mixture. Sheldon and I had our little Christmas eve together where we read the Nativity story from the scriptures and opened our stockings. Christmas morning we let Koda open his gifts first which he enjoyed, then we opened our gifts one by one. Sheldon was suuuuper sneaky because I thought I knew what everything under the tree was- since I did most of the shopping and wrapping…. but he surprised me with a vlogging camera I’ve had my eye on, it is the G7x markii. It was a special Christmas together, then we did a family meal that afternoon.

Sheldon’s grandma Ella passed away this December so we went to her funeral and got together with all of his family. As we are sad for her passing, we are glad that she can be in heaven again with her husband. Our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation made it a cheerful celebration of her life.

The last thing we did this December was host our New Year’s Party. Throwing this party was something that I really wanted to do. I spent quite a bit of my own hard earned money on decorations for the event. I invited a bunch of people, but sadly I had a ton of people cancel on me last minute. We still had a bunch of fun with the two other families that came. I made a bunch of finger foods, we had sparkling cider, gold/ silver/ black decorations/ hats/ noisemakers, and we played minute to win-it-games, AND a home made balloon drop that we dropped and popped at the New York midnight. We had over 100 balloons that we filled for the night. I thought it was a successful party and hope my guests had a good time. I continued the tradition and adapted it from what my family did growing up- This will need to be our new Lloyd family tradition!

Pupdate: Koda had his first Christmas and he loved it. He was a spoiled little guy that got many new toys (the majority of which he has already destroyed) that he has loved. We also took Koda to see Santa which I think was just confusing for him haha. He has also been getting used to our new house by playing on our stairs and yard, we are glad he has more room to play now.

Creative Projects this moth included painting again. I had taken a little break from doing watercolors for almost a year, but I made 4 new paintings in December and it felt really good. I’ll need to do more soon. Sheldon and I also got to film his cousin Caleisa’s wedding in Provo. I was excited to get to that temple because I haven’t photographed it officially yet. The days that I film/photograph gives me a creative high and really lifts my mood. Now I’ll have a lot to edit, too bad that part takes so long. Sheldon was my second shooter and used my new Chrismas vloging camera- he got some good shots and some fun behind-the-scenes footage. I’m excited to capture more weddings in 2020!

Other things this month included: Sheldon found a group of guys to play weekly basketball with, we got an indoor fireplace from my parents for Christmas so we built that and set it up we use it all the time, I took my niece and nephew to see Frozen 2 in theaters, Sheldon and I tried out a new local steakhouse, and We went to see Jumanji 2, We also got home from Utah to find our heater went out and had to get that fixed, We also bought a baby crib at Ikea which means we have officially started to put the nursery together.

Thanks for reading along- Happy New Year!


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