We Bought a House! (November 2019)

November was a big month for us! It seems like the closer we get to the end of the year the quicker the months go by.

First off we officially announced our pregnancy to the world with a little video that I made (see THIS blog post). We also did a special ultrasound with my family and found out that baby Lloyd is a  G I R L!


SOOOOOO the next big thing we did was that we bought a house!!! We packed up and moved out of our apartment. I’m happy to share that we completed our goal of having a house before baby comes.

It’s true, we bought a house! We are so glad to no longer be renting. I’ve hinted in a few previous blog posts that we’ve been looking for a new place BUT we finally did it! It has been hard to find a house with good bones in our price range. The minute we stepped into this one it just felt right. It is clean, has big windows that provide natural lighting, a large pantry, and room to expand in the basement. We now live closer to Sheldon’s work and not far from his family. We love the location, and are excited to get to meet our new neighbors. It passed the inspection and appraisal with flying colors, and we got a great deal on it with a great interest rate. We have some fun projects that we are planing to do to it so we can personalize it to be our own little place.

My parents came out west for Thanksgiving and were able to help us move into our new house. Then my whole family was able to meet up in Utah for Thanksgiving. It was nice to have some family time together we did puzzles, shopping, and food while together. My sisters and I split up all the different dishes so it made all the cooking much easier for everyone.


My parents bought us all tickets to go to the Luminaria light show at Thanksgiving Point, but only Sheldon and I could go. We got a fun surprise wintery date night together which was really fun. We shared a hot chocolate and cinnamon pretzel. Sheldon and I really enjoyed seeing the lights, it was a fun way to bring the holiday cheer.


Pupdate: Koda is 6 months old and is starting to get a little bit of an attitude. He is still a sweet pup but he is pushing boundaries to see what happens when he doesn’t obey our commands. He also has had his poor world turned upside down with the move because he has only ever spent a night in our apartment. He loves the new place though because he now has a yard, stairs to play on, and he especially loves our large windows to watch out.


Creative projects: This was a good month of creativity because I was able to photograph/film another wedding and family session. In doing that wedding we were able to add the Twin Falls, Idaho temple to our list- and now we’ve surpassed our goal of number of temples to drone/ film before the end of the year. Sheldon and I took an adventure out to a new place called Cleveland lake, up by Pomerelle ski. On this adventure we were able to take engagement pictures for our friends. It has been fun to see my growth in photo/video over the past year. (All the galleries  mentioned are linked above if you’re interested in viewing them. Message me on social media if you’d like a download pin.)

Other noteworthy activities this month: Morning step workout class, Relief society activity making recipe books, painting and clay with Tobie, taught Sunday school to the youth, ladies night “favorite things” party, birthing classes at the hospital, etc.

Thanks for reading along this month, and for all of your support. Sending love.



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