We are Pregnant!

Guess what… We are Expecting!

Rather than just rambling on about everything that has happened I thought I’d answer some common questions here. So it will be a Q+A type blog post. This will be discussing everything from when we found out through my first trimester of pregnancy. If you have additional questions please reach out to me or comment below. Thanks for your support!

Announcement video: (watch it HERE)

When are you due?

Baby is due on May 16th, 2020. Which is like a week after Mother’s Day! (When this blog posts I will be 13 weeks along, so I just finished my first trimester.)

Was this planned?

Yes it was planned. I’ve been trying to balance my hormones since February, and we’ve been hoping for this blessing since then. We are both very excited for this time of our lives yet feel so unprepared! I know theres a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make.

When did you find out?

So I found out on the morning of September 11th. I have been taking cheep pregnancy tests about once a week since I got off of BC, so I didn’t really expect a result because it had become habit. When I saw it was positive I freaked out and took a more expensive/legit test which also said positive! I immediately started tearing up because I couldn’t believe it. It was a crazy day because Koda had a bad reaction to his puppy shots so I had to schedule an emergency vet appointment, AND now I had THIS to start thinking about between my several visits to the vet.

How did you tell Sheldon?

I had thought of trying to decorate the house in fun balloons and posters- or feeding him a “baby food dinner” BUT knowing it was already a crazy day, I didn’t do anything elaborate. I decided to join him at work for lunch and tell him the news there. I just showed him the positive pregnancy test.

How was the first appointment?

Thankfully all was good with Koda’s vet visit and I was able to schedule a doctor’s appointment for that afternoon. (Yes, the same day that I found out!) The appointment went well, the OBGYN made me feel comfortable and gave me a copy of the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” which I’ve been diligently searching each time I have a question. He is the same doctor I’ve seen previously for hormone advise so I was glad to be going to him again. At my second appointment (8 weeks) I was actually able to hear baby’s heartbeat super early which was really fun and comforting!

Any cravings yet?

Honestly I haven’t really been craving anything yet. Not more than usual at least. I’ve had the occasional desire for things like apple pie or cheese curds. But thats typical for me, haha. More commonly I’ve been having food aversions– where nothing sounds good to eat. Sometimes I accidentally end up skipping meals but when I remember I’ll eat apples or crackers. I’ve had that metallic aftertaste with most food, so I end up chewing gum quite often.

Any symptoms so far?

Yes… and this may be TMI for some- so move along if that’s you. But I’d like to record this for the future. The first thing I noticed were that my boobs were so dang sore and it wasn’t going away. Haha since then I’ve had some cramping and a heightened sense of smell. THANKFULLY I’ve been mostly spared from morning sickness so far! I’ve had a rare few times that I have felt nauseous but no vomiting yet. (I could be wrong, but I’m attributing this to the “no sugar challenge” I’ve taken since July and my daily morning step workouts.) I’ve also been feeling really sleepy in the afternoons.

Are you going to find out the gender?

Yes, I think Sheldon and I both would like the peace of mind to know if we are having a boy or girl before baby comes. For planning purposes we will be finding out. I think it would be very fun to have a gender reveal party or at least a photoshoot. I expect that we will be finding out at the 20 week ultrasound, which should be around Christmas time. I see no need to do the genetic blood test unless the doctor prescribes it.

Would you rather a boy or girl?

Ok, obviously I will be thrilled to have a happy and healthy baby no matter the gender. But I think Sheldon and I are both secretly pulling for a girl. I come from a family of all sisters and Sheldon had all brothers so we will see which genes are stronger haha.

Any ultrasounds yet?

Yes, we’ve had 2 already actually. The doctor thought that I was further along originally so I ended up doing an ultrasound at like 4 and a half weeks but the baby was so small that we did it again at 7 weeks. They were better able to determine the age that way. I got pictures at the second one which was very fun to see. I’ve been trying to involve Sheldon as much as I can, so he has been joining me at the ultrasounds then we do lunch after. At the second one we could see baby’s little heartbeat flutter at 134bpm.

Could it be twins?

The ultrasound tech looked around and only saw one fetus, he says no. But, Sheldon is a twin, so there’s always a chance for some in the future. Eek!

Any goals before baby comes?

We have both had it a goal to move into a house before baby comes. There’s really not much available in our area- so we will see how we do with that. But we have walked through a few homes and figured out financing options. We like the area we are in now and sheldon loves his job. We want to be out of the apartment living and settle into a more permanent home, but moving all our stuff is overrated too. We also hope to make it out of the country together before baby comes- even if it is just to Canada.

Favorite things this trimester?

  1. Mini bagels– a filling and satisfying afternoon snack
  2. Mint gum– to rid the constant metallic flavor in my mouth
  3. Leggings and lightweight sports bra– cozy/ stretchy clothes that fit my growing and changing body
  4. “What to Expect” book– answers my questions without having to dive deep into the terrifying google forums
  5. “The Bump” app– to be able to track weekly progress and changes

Bump photos

I’m not really into sharing my bare belly, but this is what I have so far. (7 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks)

Final thoughts

It still doesn’t feel real to be honest. My body is changing a little bit and things are definitely different; like my sleeping has gotten a lot more difficult, my pants are getting tighter, and I eat two breakfasts now. This is random but as some of you may know I am suuuper bad at taking pills- so I’ve come to love the gummy prenatal vitamins. But overall I am really lucky that my pregnancy hasn’t been very hard at all so far. I’m also glad that most of my pregnancy will be during winter so that I can just bundle up in layers. I’ve been doin little things to learn and prepare; like going to birth classes at the hospital, registered with WIC,  been listening to birth story podcasts, and reading my “what to expect” book.

Sheldon and I are both very excited for our little baby to arrive. We really appreciate all your support during this time that our family is growing.

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to subscribe to follow along with our pregnancy AND to learn about one more BIG SECRET that we will be spilling soon.


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