October 2019

Can you believe it is the end of October already? I feel like we just started fall last week…. Well I don’t know about you, but for us in SE Idaho this has been a very cold October. We have had it snow several times here and already been in negative temperatures, BURRR!

One of the first things we did in October was a drive through Yellowstone. It was a fun time of year to visit because it wasn’t very busy and the snow made it look like different scenery. (I wrote a separate blog post about it that you can read HERE and filmed a travel diary that you can watch HERE)



Sheldon bought me an early Christmas present. It is the Ronin- Sc to fit my Sony mirrorless. It is a cool camera gadget- a 3 point gimbal that will help to stabilize the videos I take. I was able to practice with it a little bit in Yellowstone. I’m so excited with the potential I gives me to really elevate the quality of my videos.


In October we get the chance to hear from our Church’s general authorities. They inspire and counsel us through different talks that they share during something called General Conference. We get to sit at home and watch the conference on TV, we just usually stream it on youtube. I’ll link my favorite talks below:



Even more than candy and costumes, I think Sheldon’s favorite part of October is getting to pick out a pumpkin and carve it. We bought our pumpkins at Stoddard farms one weekend and carved them for family night. Sheldon always impresses me with his creativity and carving abilities when the pumpkins come out. He carved the one that looks like Koda and I did the Owl. He has a special process and takes great pride in his yearly pumpkin creations.



“Pupdate”- This is a new section I will be adding to my monthly blogs. Koda is growing up so quickly I want to share little updates of our little pup. He is 5 months old now and has such the personality. We are pretty sure he has lost most (if not all) of his puppy teeth now and is so tall now. He is growing his adult layer of fur so getting long fluffy fur around his neck and its super adorable. His favorite things to play with are a baseball cap and a squeaky tennis ball. We have already had quite a bit of snow already this year and he cries at the cold when we take him out. Poor boy has no idea we have several more months of this… Koda also got his first “pupuccino” from Starbucks- if you ask them at the drive through they will give you a little cup of whipped cream and he went so crazy for it. It was messy and he loved it so much, it was hilarious to watch. For halloween we bought him a saddle/harness that has a cowboy that rides him around- it is a hoot.



It has been too long but we finally made it back to Utah to see my Grandma and sisters. We were able to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday with all of them which was exciting.  We took McKinsey and Rebecca to brunch at Cubby’s which we all agreed was delicious! After food we went to a pumpkin patch and walked the corn maze. Koda really enjoyed leading us through the maze and smelling everything on the farm. From there we went on a drive through the mountains and out to Pizza dinner (thanks dad!) It was a short trip but I’m very glad we were able to go.



Creative projects this month: I edited a short moody bridal video, a short October Elopement video, a short senior session, a short Sacramento temple video in my faith series, and made more clay earrings with my friend on our weekly “crafternoons”.



Other notable things from October: I’ve been diligently attending a morning step class at least 4x a week, I planned a health and fitness relief society activity where we did High Fitness and a yogurt bar, I’m continuing my “no added sugar” challenge, Sheldon helped out several nights as a “scarer” at the local haunted house, and we have also been actively house hunting since our apartment contract ends in a few months.

If you are still reading Thanks so much! You get a little heads up on TWO BIG SECRETS coming out next month. One of those will be in the next blog post! Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can be one of the first to be in the know!



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