A Summer Playing in the Mountains (August 2019)

I’m pretty sure that sometime I just sneezed and I missed the month of August. Like what happened to summer? Here’s what our month looked like…

First off we had fair week. In the past we have had every meal and spent every moment of free time at the local county fair. But this year we had Koda with us and we live a little further away. We still went for a few hours but not as much as before. One fun thing was that we were in the parade again for Sheldon’s work; so I decorated the tractor and Koda rode with us. We always enjoy the local parades but it is different being the one actually IN the parade.  This was the second year we have done that. We enjoyed throwing candy and hats.

One big part of our month was our weekly puppy classes in Pocatello at PetsMart. We really looked forward to going each week, we both enjoyed learning how to train Koda to do different tricks and commands. He had another little puppy in his class and they were the cutest little best friends; his little girlfriend was a corgi and they played so well together. (Koda now knows: look, touch, sit, lets go, this way, take it, leave it, drop it, wait, come, “emergency” come, lay down, up, shake, and we are working on a few others that we have created. Koda also got the rest of his puppy shots this month.

One night we went to Sheldon’s 10 year high school reunion. I think he really enjoyed seeing his classmates and talking about old teachers and memories. Sheldon and I won bingo twice; what kills me is that Sheldon’s choice prize was a 40 pack of black pens! He was thrilled. I also loved being able to catch up with Melanie and Oran. Melanie is Sheldon’s Cousin who lives in Utah, so we don’t see them often. (They are looking to adopt, so if you have any leads for them let me know so I can pass along the info!) While talking with them we decided to plan a Lloyd cousin campout for a few weeks later.

Sheldon loves any excuse to fly his drone so like last year we droned the alder’s flowers. Each year they plant a large flower garden in a special pattern, but that pattern is seen best from the sky. This year was diagonal stripes.

Cousin Camp out! Yep, the same one previously mentioned that was planned with Melanie. We invited all of the Lloyd Cousins and their families to join for a camping trip in the mountains of Bancroft. We coordinated food and did some tin foil dinner and egg burritos for breakfast. We were all well fed. There ended up being around 20 people and 4 dogs that came! I would consider it a success for sure. It was so fun to see everyone and spend a night in nature, I hope it becomes a tradition!

One weekend my parents and sister Mckinsey came to town. We appreciate that they make it a priority to come out west and visit us as often as they do. They were able to meet Koda in person for the first time and he was so excited for new friends. My parents aren’t really dog people but they seemed to really enjoy playing with him. We made them waffles for breakfast which is my fav. While they were all in town we took them to Bloomington Lake. I think they all liked the view and spending a little time outside. Koda loved joining us on the hike as well. On the way back we went to New York deli in Preston for dinner, it was delicious as always. To finish the night we rode a razor up to Mt. Baldy. My mom especially liked “the quick but scenic form of hiking”. We were also impressed that Koda loved riding along in the Razor too. They joined us for church the next day and also did some stir fry + rice for them before they left. It was a fun little visit, thanks for coming!

At the end of them month we left for our California road trip. I’ll keep the description short because I wrote a full blog post about it HERE. Basically we returned to Sheldon’s mission area where he served 9 years ago. It was a great experience for both of us.

Crafts included: I’ve also done a little bit of crafting with my friend Tobie. We used Polymer Soufflé clay to make earrings and hair clips. I had forgotten how relaxing it can be to play with clay. Sadly the clay was a little over cooked because of my old oven overheats. But now I know. It has been a fun activity I will try again soon! On a separate note I also did some digital work with my Bamboo Wacom tablet to design a logo for my friend’s new lash and brow studio.

Other noteworthy things that happened in August: I ran a successful RS ice cream activity with young women (while staying sugar free myself!), We spent many evenings at the park with Koda and most nights are able to watch the vibrant sunsets as we play fetch, I’ve continued my sugar free journey with a few rare exceptions, We had water heater issues and had to get it replaced, and watched the people float the river at lava with our friend Janel.

Thanks for reading, comment below what you did this summer! See you in September.


3 thoughts on “A Summer Playing in the Mountains (August 2019)

  1. Sounds like you had a great August. So many fun activities. Koda sure is a cutie. We went to NC for a Giese family wedding. Got to see Aunt Orva and all my 5 girl cousins and their families. Sooo much fun …it was like having sisters! Its been many yrs since Ive seem most of them. Love your posts! Hugs! Aunt Bon


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