Independence, love letters, and a new furry friend (July 2019)

WOW this was a busy month for us! I have a lot to share so I will try to keep the wording shorter since there will be many photos. First off I’m very glad it feels like Summer, its been warm here- most days are in the 80s and the sun has been strong.

Early in July Sheldon and I went out on the reservoir and I finally caught a fish this summer! It was a really large catfish that we didn’t end up keeping it but we had to snag a few photos.


It is that time of year- my favorite holiday! Why is it my favorite? Probably because theres very little planning, preparation, or expectations but it always ends up being a great day. Theres something magical about the 4th that I connect to when I was young- when we were allowed to drink soda and stay up late for the fireworks. Plus, I love an excuse to wear stars and stripes! Anyways, so we did some home fireworks and games with some friends the night before. On the 4th we went to the local parade, bought some mixed sodas, rode to the top of mt Baldy in a Razor, sent off some paper lanterns, and did fireworks in Idaho falls. Idaho falls really does the best firework show that I’ve seen! All in all it was a really fun day.

Local Parade


Razor ride to Mt. Baldy


Fireworks in Idaho Falls


Our friends invited us to go camping with them in early July. We joined them at a site on the ID/WY border near cave falls. It was a quiet and beautiful location where we could relax to the sound of rushing water. Sheldon and I set up a tent, air mattress and hammock and we were very comfortable hanging out for awhile. Except for the mosquitoes, there were so many! Total there were 8 people and 2 cute dogs at the campsite and we all got along well. We did a potluck “tin foil dinner” which was really yummy. Other than the fact that it got so chilly, I slept really well. The next morning we all went on a nice hike together which was through a section of Yellowstone property along the same river. It was all beautiful and I’m glad we could go.


I had a fun experience filming a wedding at the Star Valley temple. It was a beautiful day and I think I got a lot of great shots. I’m still editing the footage, but I’ll try to remember to link it HERE once it is done. If you (or someone you know) needs a videographer please reach out to me, I’m still a beginner and offering budget friendly options!


My parents came out west for a week. So I was able to be spend some time in Utah with my family.  My sister has been working at the BYU Alumni summer camp called Aspen grove so we went up there for a couple days. While at aspen grove we took some: pottery, watercolor, pen turning, and archery. We also were able to hike to Stewart Falls which was stunning. My favorite thing that we did was go to the Love Letters Museum at the Gateway Mall.

Stewart Falls
Aspen Grove


Love Letters Museum


AND arguably the most important and exciting thing about July is…… We got a puppy! I’m going to do an entire separate post about him. It talks about the details of name, breed, and why I got him. 🙂 You can go read the post HERE.


Other noteworthy July things: Sheldon’s grandparents came to visit us so we did dinner together a few times and took them shooting. We also went to see the new Spiderman movie at the outdoor theater with Nathan and his wife. We enjoy going on long drives to get out of the house and we went around Blackfoot reservoir and also in Logan canyon. I’ve been doing a sugar free challenge that I’m hoping to keep up through to thanksgiving, where I’m giving up sugary baked goods, candy, soda, ice cream, etc with the occasional weekend cheat. So I did a banana bread experiment baking with “Truvia” and it was delicious! Sheldon went biking at the Targhee ski resort with his brother while I was in Utah. I’ve been making progress on my rainbow scrap quilt and I’m really loving how it is turning out! I’ve been teaching Sunday school and was able to sub in primary which was fun. We went to the 24th of July parade and the start of our county fair week.

More to come in August. Thanks for reading along!

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