Pink Hair + Real Talk (June 2019)

Summer time is officially here and I’m loving the sunshine! June seriously flew by, and was a month packed with fun outdoor activities.

But first… a “real life update”:

It is weird to think that this time last year I was winding down my final college classes after years and years of being in school. For me it has honestly been a really hard transition from then to now. I haven’t opened up about this on my blog yet but I’ve discovered that teaching (for now) really is not for me. I actually loved teaching, I will always love FCS, I liked interacting with students, and I even enjoyed creating lesson plans… The part that was really hard for me was interacting with parents. I don’t want to get into specific instances but throughout student teaching I had several negative experiences working with parents. It gives me so much anxiety thinking that if I had my own classroom I would be the sole one responsible when things go wrong. I would be personally blamed and I don’t have the confidence or heart to take that. I’ve looked into alternate ways to use my teaching degree: like substitute teaching (the local school system has NOT been easy to work with) and online teaching (I put in a lot of effort preparing, but got rejected from the position). I’m to the point where I really want a job, I want to be helping financially, but I don’t want to be backed into a corner of doing something that I don’t enjoy. You know, like an adult job, with hard work and satisfaction. Sheldon says that I don’t need to work, but I still want to. I’m struggling to figure out what that is, meanwhile trying to fit in in a small town, new church congregation, and deal with my anxiety and depression through therapy. It is hard to make new friends and figure out a new schedule. It is also hard to explain to people why I’m not working when they ask. My main priority is my mental health by doing the things that make me happy, confident, and proud of myself. Sheldon has been really great at taking me outside in the evenings. Nature and light exercise has a way of centering me in a spiritual way. I’ve also found that by always bringing my camera with me I am better able to focus on the good things and appreciate God’s beautiful creations.

Sorry for starting out so deep, I just thought it may connect to some out there. I know this too will pass, but as of right now it has been really hard. The rest of the blog will be light hearted, I promise! Onto our June activities….

Early on, Sheldon decided to participate in bike to work week. Idaho Mountain Trading hosts a facebook competition each year so Sheldon took on the challenge. He biked to his work and back which ended up being about 13 miles each direction. He took some pictures along the way and actually won a little tool set for his efforts! So proud!

I did something a little different and fun. I used pink hair tint to temporarily dye my hair pink for a few weeks. It didn’t last very long at all, but it was fun while it lasted. I’ve always been curious about changing my hair color for something bright like this, and the temporary spray was a great way to try it without commitment.

I took on a temporary job with my good friend @poppieevents who is a wedding planner. I helped do the flowers and set up for a wedding in Island Park. It was 3 long days of work but it all turned out so beautiful and I had lots of flowers to bring home and share.

While in the area for the wedding I decided to take some photos of the Rexburg temple with the drone. It was a nice day out which made it easy for flying. I started a “faith” series on my youtube account where I’ll be sharing my short film with inspiring messages. I made one of the Rexburg temple that you can watch HERE.

Theres something about flowers that draw me in. They capture my attention every time whether they are expensive bouquets or tiny wildflowers. I just really enjoy flowers and they bring me so much happiness. June is the perfect month to watch blooms pop and add color to the scenery so I’ve made sure to photograph some of them. Sheldon found the blue field while on a work delivery so I had to check it out.

Our evenings have consisted of  walks, runs, and fishing. We have decided to up our fishing game and have been borrowing a canoe. We finally found a good spot on the lake and caught a fish! Watch out.

It was our turn to clean the temple again, so we got there a little early so that we could take some pictures.

Summer time means its time for razor for rides! We borrowed one from our friends and rode to the TV towers on top of the mountains. It was dusty but a beautiful sight.

Now that ground has officially been broken, we drove past the construction site for the new Pocatello, Idaho temple. It will be fun to watch the process of it being built and dedicated over the next few years.

Creative projects this month included: filming and editing the short rexburg temple video, and doing a lettering challenge with my sister McKinsey.

Other noteworthy things in June: I taught a Relief Society activity on Journaling. I got another calling to teach the youth in Sunday school, which I’m pretty excited about. We got 2 new house plants (a baby ficus and large snake plant). We had date night to Applebee’s (thanks dad). Sheldon went mountain biking with his brothers in Pocatello. I a craft day with a friend in town, we learned how to make iron on t-shirts together. I got flowers from my sweet Dad. I had two different filming clients fall through so set up my official contract and booked a PAID wedding for July! We also saw Toy Story 4 in theaters.

If you’ve made it this far in my blog you’re a trooper. I know there was a lot in this one. Thanks so much for reading and following along with us. See you in the next blog!

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