Tetons in the Rain

On Memorial Day we decided we wanted to take advantage of the day off. We had a few different ideas of where to go, but ultimately decided on going to Grand Teton National Park. As the days approached we saw that the weather was supposed to we rainy and cold. Thinking that it may provide a new experience and chase away the crouds we still decided to go through with it.

The park is only about 2 hours away from where we are living. We drove through Jackson, WY to grab some food and gas on the way up. We already have an annual National Parks pass which is so nice, and makes the trip cheaper!

We didn’t have and specific plans or high expectations because of the rain, but we always enjoy a scenic drive. Upon arrival to the park we drove to the north end of the park just taking in the scenery with added fog and dramatic clouds. We decided to brave the rain on a path at Colter Bay where we began the vlog. Without the visibility of the Teton mountains however, it was a little disappointing.

Then we drove to jenny lake where we walked a short distance of the rim to take some photos and explore. It was a little less wet there because of the evergreen coverage. There was a spot we were able to climb down to access the lake and we spent some quiet moments there. Again, we couldn’t quite see the peaks. walking those trails honestly smelled so nice and fresh because of the light rain in the forrest, we loved that part.

We spent a few hours exploring the park then began driving back home. On the way back we drove to the Palisades reservoir for a little bit of drone footage and found a cute little waterfall stream. I think my favorite part of the day was walking around a muddy little inlet area at the Palisades.

It was a fun trip despite the weather, I enjoyed seeing the park in a different way. The last time we went to the Tetons was in 2017, read the post HERE.

(Vlog linked HERE , or watch it below!)

3 thoughts on “Tetons in the Rain

  1. Thanks for sharing your Teton adventure. We were there a number of years ago. It really is so beautiful. We took a guided raft ride that was alot of fun too. Have you gone to the wayside where the famous black and white picture that Ansel Adams (i think thats his nsme) took picture of the “snake”river. I hope I am remembering it correctly. Sending you love! God Bless always!


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