Sweet Treats + Exploring (May 2019)

May was a good one. I’ll try to keep this blog short with mostly pictures.

First off we celebrated cinco de mayo. (I know it really doesn’t have any cultural significance, but we enjoy any reason to celebrate!) Sheldon has been really consistent in leaning Spanish with DuoLingo, so I really wanted to celebrate. I made my favorite Mexican meal with different sides for “self serve burritos”. We played those classic Mexican songs and I wore my flower embroidery dress for the occasion. It was a special day at church too because there were some investigators who spoke Spanish and needed everything translated. I got up to bear my testimony in Spanish which I could tell they really appreciated. It then happened that about 3 others also got up to do the same. It was a really good feeling because I really haven’t used my Spanish in awhile and I was also able to share my testimony which always feels good.

Now that it has been warmer we have been able to go play outside. This month we did some disk golf at the park, evening walks, a few bike rides, and some fishing. I especially like fishing when theres a good view of the sunset. Sheldon also went mountain biking with his brothers in Pocatello on some new trails.

I was able to join my Relief Society to the Star Valley Temple. There were only a few of us that went but its nice to visit and serve there.

One afternoon I made pupusas on the griddle for everyone at Sheldon’s work. I came at lunch time and made probably 40 pupusas or so. Thankfully I had some help and they all seemed to like them, we joked that I should make them to sell at the fair. I’m glad I still remember how to make pupusas after all this time!

Are you even surpised that we made it back to Utah again? Sheldon had an old roommate that was getting married so we made sure to go support them! Aaron’s luncheon was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and it had some of the best reception food I’ve ever had, it was honestly delicious. While there we did dinner with some of his other friends that were in town for the occasion.

The next day we met up with my sisters and explored Rock Canyon for a little bit. It was nice to soak up some sun. While we were together we supported a local lemonade stand and went to the cookie dough place in Provo. The cookie dough was yummy, but so rich though that we really struggled finishing it.

Sheldon and I also did a short trip to Grand Teton National Park over Memorial day. I actually wrote a whole separate post about that adventure which you can read HERE, or you can watch the vlog HERE.

Other noteworthy May events included: Hosted a RS activity about couple’s missions in Mexico, finished editing Amelia’s wedding video, we went to dinner at Bdubbs, I made a chocolate cheesecake form scratch, I baked really pretty sprinkle “oreo” cookies, we saw Aladdin in theater, I cooked a mother’s day feast with chicken on the grill, and Sheldon competed in a local basketball tournament and won 3rd place but ripped a tendon in his finger.

Thanks for reading! We will see you in the next blog!

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