Branching Out + Spring (April 2019)

I was so happy to see that things were starting to grow again in April we began to see green grass and flowers blooming. The beginning of April I was wrapping up my short Illinois trip for Veronica’s wedding. I made sure to eat all the important Chicago food while I was there and brought back some Nuts On Clark popcorn for Sheldon. (You can read more about that trip HERE.)

If you follow along you’d know that I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Once every 6 months our church has something called “General Conference” to listen to at home on TV from our church leaders. Well we were able to start April with those inspired words. While listening I like to have a simple craft to keep my hands busy, so I taught myself some weaving. On Sunday evening after the conference we were invited to do dinner with a bunch of new friends they did a “Cafe Rio” style dinner and it was so delicious! We were glad to be part of it.

One HUGE thing for me is that I got an iMac computer! My old laptop had served me well through all of college, but it was getting slow and difficult to work with. Sheldon was sweet enough to buy me an imac with some of our tax return money. The bigger screen has been so nice to have to edit photos/ videos and blog with. I love it!

Now that it actually feels like spring we have been going outside a lot more. We have gone on scenic drives, started fishing, skeet shooting with some friends, some disk golf, and evening walks. We love the fresh smell of being outdoors, it can be really healing after so much time indoor for the winter.

SOOOOO…. I’m branching out and now offering videos. I got my first paying film client a dancer this month and really enjoyed creating her video (linked HERE). I also filmed my friend Amelia’s beautiful wedding day! I’ll link her wedding video HERE.

Want to know what is weird? We got married 3 years ago. It’s weird to reflect on because honestly 3 years is not very long, but it feels like we know each other so well that I cannot imagine life without him. Cheesy, but yeah. Love my guy. Sheldon took me to lunch on our anniversary and then we went out to Tucano’s in Utah one evening to celebrate.dsc_8932-steps

While we were in Utah we got to see my fam for a little bit. We all hiked bridal veil falls and Sheldon got to fly the drone a little bit. It was a beautiful day, so we all had a good time.

While my whole family was together I suggested we go to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. I’ll do a separate blog full of our photos linked HERE. It was a beautiful day in some impressive landscaping, I think we all had a good time.

Our Easter was simple. We spent it together and had dinner with Sheldon’s family. We don’t have any traditions yet- I think that will come once there are littles running around. I wore my new bridesmaid dress for the occasion. I’m glad we have a Savior; that brings me hope and peace in this troubled world.

Remember how I said that it felt like spring?  well it kind of did…. until we took an evening to go help clean the Star Valley WY Temple. We got pounded with snow, but thankfully made it home safe. It was a fun experience because that was my first time inside that temple, it is very tiny, but pretty!

Other activities in April included: I organized a relief society activity where we learned to make decorative Easter sugar eggs, I finished a weaving, saw avengers movie with Sheldon and my dad, we went to Thai food and the lava pools with Nathan & Kelsi one evening, we bought half a pig worth of sausage, and since not many people read my blogs let alone this section I’ll document that I began going to therapy for depression and anxiety- the treatments have been helping but I still have a long way to go.


Thanks to those of you who read and follow along on here. I enjoy documenting my life in this way. If you ever have any questions please feel free to comment. I’ll catch you on the next blog!

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