Zion + Illinois (March 2019)

March was a month full of travel for us! We were able to enjoy both cold snowy days and also warmer sunny days. I was able to work on a few new creative projects as well. Keep reading to see what we were up to.

In Idaho March is still fully “winter weather”, so we went skiing again locally at Pebble Creek. This was my second time ever skiing, so I still went pretty slowly, but sheldon says I’m improving. Hopefully we can go again next year, I’ve enjoyed it so far!

My mom actually came to visit our new apartment. While here she was able to help me fix my bridesmaid dress. Our bridesmaids dresses all matched so well because they were the “quartz” color from Davids Bridal. I was not able to find one that met my religious modesty standards, so I bought one that was close knowing I would need to make some adjustments to add sleeves and a back. Thankfully I was actually able to find a fitted t-shirt in the exact same color so we cut and sewed the shirt to the desired shape then I wore the dress “jumper style”. I’m grateful my mom was able to help me fix the dress for the occasion because I love it now and also wore it again for Easter. While she was in town she took us out to dinner, and also helped me and with a quilt project. She has taught me so much about sewing so it was fun to work on these projects together.

Sheldon and I took a much needed road trip to southern Utah. While we were there we visited Zion national park and Horseshoe Bend in northern Arizona. Nothing like warm sun, pretty views, and hiking to treat the winter blues! I made a vlog of our trip

I took a week long trip to Illinois for my friend’s wedding. I was asked to be a bridesmaid and I was able to spend time with my parents. A few things I did there was skydive with my dad, eat my favorite pizza, got my hair and makeup professionally done, partied at Veronica’s wedding, did a little too much shopping, etc. I’ll link that full blog post HERE.

Other activities in March included: Sheldon bought himself a shotgun (which he claims will now round out his arsenal…. we will see). We also each got callings in our new ward; Sheldon is in the Elder’s quorum presidency, and I am in charge of monthly ward Relief Society activities. I had 3 shamrock shakes, which is weirdly one of my favorite things about March. We went to a family’s baby blessing. Also we started to see signs of spring, like having our indoor lemon tree bloom! My creative projects this month included: learned weaving, I made my own loom, and while in Illinois I wrote some chalkboard signs.

Thanks so much for following along here, we will see you next blog!

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