Snow Fun + Ice Sculptures! (Feb 2019)

Early in February I connected with my photographer friend Peyton to do a mini shoot at the ice castles in Rigby. It was so fun to see them, they were almost magical! We are very happy with our photos and both use them on our phone home screens. 🙂 We also did lunch with Peyton and her husband in Rexburg at the new Hawaiian place which was pretty yummy.

It may have been too cold for this, but we flew the drone over the pipe in Grace. It is an old irrigation pipe that has a lot of holes in it- so when it freezes it makes cool ice sculptures. We took a few pictures and videos clips there.

One afternoon we took a snow mobile ride up in the canyons of Bancroft. It was beautiful and quiet…. UNTIL I realized that I had lost my phone in the snow. There was no chance of finding it, so I had to get a new one. Sheldon and I split a deal at verizon and both walked away with the new iphone x. It was honestly so sad because I had lost pictures on it, AND my Illinois number. But now Sheldon is converted back to apple so it’s all good.

Sheldon went on a work trip trip to Tampa, Florida. It was only a few days that he spent in meetings but he enjoyed being able to escape to warm weather. His favorite thing was that he went to the local fair and saw Bello preform. Bello Nock was Sheldon’s favorite contestant on AGT last year so he stayed after the show to meet him.


We didn’t really do a ton for Valentine’s day. I think we went out to Texas Roadhouse, but we do that a lot honestly, haha. Sheldon bought me a cute palm tree for our home and I love it! My parents sent a really nice little care package with hand written hearts. I also made these sparkle striped heart sugar cookies inspired by Preppy Kitchen’s video.


In February we had our first guests to this new apartment! My sister, her boyfriend, and our friends Autumn and Ian came to visit us. While we were all together we spent the day sledding in Bancroft, got pizza in Grace, played an escape room board game, went to the hot pools and had dinner in Lava. Mckinsey and Ethan joined us for church the next day. It was nice to host them for the weekend, we had a ton of fun with them.

For Sheldon’s birthday I took him to a Japanese hibachi grill, which is one of his favorite things to do! My parents sent him meat from Kansas City stakes which were delicious, we are saving a few of them for summer.

One weekend we went to Idaho Falls to go to the Temple. I’d never been through for a session, and the last time I was there I went for the open house (blog linked HERE). While there I took some snowy pictures which was really fun to do.

Even though we just moved into Soda Springs in December, we were changed to a new ward at church because they changed things in our stake. Once we got to our new ward I learned about a morning exercise group and a Tuesday quilt club. I’ve been meeting the local ladies that way. It inspired me to go home to start a larger quilt of my own.

Other activities and crafts: Also we refilled a ton of our printer ink at Costco which was really inexpensive, thought I’d share because we were pleasantly surprised with it all. I provided some calligraphy items for a moody winter stylized shoot in Rexburg. I added some greenery for our wood display, I made another video called tape tip Tuesday, I also did a tip about holding a pencil, as mentioned above I began a rainbow scrap quilt project, I wrote about my homemade camera bag that I made in December. I also made a year in review video for all of 2018.

Thanks for reading! Catch you in the blog next month. 🙂

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