Travel Tips

Our vacation to Hawaii gave us some insights that we wanted to share for anyone else interested in traveling soon. These tips are specific to our recent visit to Hawaii, but could be applied to other destinations as well. I thought it may be helpful to share a few travel tips we have learned.

Travel Tips we have learned:

  • Flights: Google flights saves you money if you are flexible on the exact days you want to fly. I’ve noticed that Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly. Layovers aren’t fun, but they save you
  • Transportation: Uber is not the same everywhere. Uber and Lyft compete so check both, especially during busy traffic. When renting a car- mention your insurance membership for a better rate. Remember that hiking and walking takes time, but is free.
  • Housing: Air BNB home share is usually cheeper then a hotel if you don’t mind sharing space. Staying with friends is better yet.
  • Food: Buy groceries and snacks at a grocery store early in your trip to be able to skip a few meals. If you are picky or like eating different things go to a mall food court for more options.
  • Activities: Groupon saves money on cool excursions, and also gives you ideas of what to do in the area. Ask locals their favorite things to do/ places to eat to get an authentic experience.
  • Itinerary: Plan but be spontaneous. Over-plan each day with several ideas of things to do including “rainy day” options. We marked each destination idea on a shared google map, and had a shared google doc of the itinerary. We would both refer to these throughout the trip. Then once you arrive at your destination be willing to deviate from or update your plans. (According to what you learn from the locals, the weather situation, and how you are feeling.)

“Lifesavers” of the trip:

  • Chacos hiking sandals– easily cleaned after hiking in mud, and versatile enough to wear for all of our activities.
  • Chex mix/ crackers/ fruit snacks– filling snacks to tide us over until the next meal so no one gets “hangry”.
  • Camelbaks– backpacks that held everything AND has an easily accessible tube of water to drink from. This kept us from having to keep track of clunky water bottles and kept our back cool. I even converted mine into a camera bag and it kept everything dry!
  • Modest Swim– Sharing this because I got 3 different swimsuits from Lime Riki and I loved them all. It was really hard to find modest swimsuits in the middle of winter. Ps they had an amazing Black Friday sale.
  • All Trails an app for hiking. We just used the free version. for each hike we did we would check the ratings and reviews before we would go. It saved us from going on hikes that we wouldn’t have enjoyed. You can also save trail maps to check your progress, which we had to do several times.


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