December 2018

Hey! December was such a quick month for us! This is a shorter post. It is currently February as I write and I’m still catching up on these blog posts. I will backdate it to the end of December so everything stays in the right order.

Early in December we went to the German Christkindlmarkt in SLC. It was so festive and fun. I bought some colorful felt balls for Christmas decor and Sheldon bought a gingerbread cookie. This one in SLC was a little different than the others I’ve been to because it was pretty much just crafts and food while the others are a little more culturally diverse gifts. It was also one of the first times I wore my heavy coat for the season.


Something exciting about December is that I was able to finish Student Teaching. I enjoyed my experience and learned a ton. By finishing that up I technically graduated (though I walked in July) because I finished all the requirements for my degree.


Sheldon got us tickets to a  BYU basketball game at the the Vivint arena, where the Jazz play. It was honestly a really fun time because we got to hang out in Salt Lake and the arena was really cool with amazing good options.

Sheldon’s company had a Christmas party one weekend. So I drove up form Utah for the weekend. Valley always throws a good party, this year we played spoons for grills. We didn’t win this year, but it was fun and there was good food.

FINALLYYYYY we got to move back in together after living apart for like 9 months of 2018. Sheldon chose a quiet little apartment for us in Soda Springs, Idaho. Its in a great location, and the perfect size. So during December we took a few different trips to Ikea to get all the necessities for the new place. (We got things like frames, shelving, organization boxes, etc.) When moving back into together we also had to set up the things of moving into a new place like internet, utilities, etc.

For Christmas we ran away to Hawaii! There will be a separate post all about those adventures trip. Once I finish the post and video I will link them HERE.

Other activities included: Eating our fair share of pizza- We have decided we really like eating at Mod. We also drove up to rexburg to have dinner with some friends and to pick up the graduation programs with my name on them! Woot official. Sheldon Also finished off his “no shave november” in early December. Thank goodness.

My crafts included: Making a backpack into a camera bag, my 2019 floral watercolor calendar

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for next month’s update, see you then!

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