November 2018

Hey, I’m a little late in writing this, so I will back date this to Nov 30th. But I still wanted to share about our November. I was super busy every weekday student teaching in Utah while Sheldon was home in Idaho working. SO, this was our 8th month living apart from one another. While it is hard to do distance in marriage, it is fun because we can plan fun dates to look forward to.

One weekend we took a little day trip to Arches National Park. Sheldon had never been and it was the perfect temperature. I wrote a whole blog post about that HERE, go check that out.  We loved hiking there and need to go back now that we have a NP annual pass.


Sheldon and I continued to play with his DJI Spark drone. We took some photo/video at the Payson Temple and really love how they turned out.


Because we have lived apart for so long we decided that for Christmas we needed to do something really special. SO we booked a trip to Hawaii! (Full blog post about that trip coming soon!) So throughout November we went about collecting items for our trip. Things like swimsuits, Chaco hiking sandals, and Camelbaks.

This year I’m really proud to share that I basically did the entire thanksgiving meal on my own. I hosted it at Grandma’s house for her, McKinsey, Ethan, Sheldon, Ashley and Sven. I made mashed potatoes, green salad, fruit + dip, yams, pretzel salad, and creamed peas. Mckinsey came over early and helped me with some of it. W also made some table decor with fall wreaths for the candles, and  cute napkin holders. I think it all turned out so cute and the flavors were just right! I enjoyed putting it on and am really proud of myself that I was able to pull it off. After dinner we took some drone pictures and then played some games together.

As per tradition Sheldon and I went Black Friday shopping that evening. We got some camera equipment and a large plush dino (if you know you know, haha). The next day we bought our very own washer + dryer which I’m so stoked about!

One of our favorite things to do is to go to the Temple Square Lighting! Mckinsey and her boyfriend Ethan came with us to start the Christmas Season right. Then we went out to dinner together at the TR. What a fun weekend with fam!


Other activities in November included: we secured an apartment to finally live together again in December, and went out to the movies to see Crimes of Grimwold & Ralph Wrecks the internet.

My crafts included: Do not bend stickers, Thanksgiving table decor, and “Thankful” painted quote.

Thanks so much for reading. Please follow my blog to get the latest updates on our life. See you very soon.

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