Arches NP Getaway

We needed a “little vacation” so we took a Saturday in November and went to Southern Utah for some hiking! We decided Arches would be the perfect place for a day trip. Sheldon had never been before so we were pretty excited to go explore!

First off, my sweet parents bought us a national parks pass for the year, which will be amazing to have! So many adventures coming our way in 2019.


We started at the iconic Delicate Arch hike. I actually ran into a friend there which was fun! It was perfect weather, we wore short sleeves the entire time and were comfortable. Funny story though, while sheldon was climbing on the rocks he ripped his pants… like really bad. So then he had to wear a coat around his waist the rest of the day. Haha!

After that hike we did the Devil’s Garden Loop. Make sure to bring a lot of water if you do this hike, we went all the way out to Double O Arch and it was a little taxing. BUT a very fun loop with lots of little side trails to explore.

First stop on the trail was landscape arch.

Then we continued on the trail for a little while. The scenery is beautiful and that gorgeous red rock goes on for miles. The trail isn’t always marked super well so if you go make sure to look out for carins (the little stacks of rocks) to guide you. Keep in mind it was somewhat difficult. There were times we had to walk on a steep ledge or climb over obstructions to follow the trail.

Finally we made it  to our favorite arch of the day- Double O Arch! It was stunning, great lighting, and there were hardly any people there! We highly recommend going to see this one though it is out of the way and somewhat difficult to get to.

On the way back through we saw Partition arch and Navajo Arch

After a long day of hike and play we decided to go eat at Moab Diner. One of my students recommended this to me and it did not disappoint! Yum.

We were both pretty tired so we took turns driving back home. Which should have been like 3 hours…. However, rather than pulling up a map, I just followed the road signs to I-15  while sheldon took a power nap. I ended up taking the long way around on accident which added like 2 hours to our trip. Ughh. We made it home eventually, but not without a prayer that we could quickly find a gas station. Wooops!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to Arches! Please consider following my blog to keep up with our adventures. See you soon!

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