October 2018

Wow guys we packed October full of fun fall dates; even though we were still living apart. Sheldon has been the best husband to drive to Utah every weekend to visit me. I’ve been living here while student teaching. I literally have 2 more months of school (and living apart from Sheldon). Read along to see all the fun things we did in October!

Fall hike to Silver Lake – We found the prettiest colors in American Fork Canyon.

Hiking video from Silver Lake:


One afternoon we went apple picking. It is NOT easy to find a place to do this, but I finally found a place called Burgess Orchards. They were really friendly and there were not many people there at all actually. Highly recommend as a fun fall date.


Another fun fall activity included going to a pumpkin patch with my sweet mission companion and her fiance. Kesia & Merrick are so cute. It was fun to catch up with them. The pumpkin patch we went to was Petersen Farms in Riverton, UT.


Sheldon isn’t super crafty, BUT he does get into carving pumpkins. This year he did a snowmobile, and I think it turned out pretty good.


I knew it wouldn’t be long before Sheldon got himself a drone. One of our first flights was around the Timpanogos Temple.


As halloween approached we decided to go to Pumpkin Nights in SLC. There were so many carved pumpkins at the fair grounds and each area had a theme. It was very creatively done. We really enjoyed it. We also got a giant bag of kettle corn which is always a fav.


Another weekend we did a corn maze at He Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, UT. We actually figured it out pretty quickly, but we had fun walking through together.



While it isn’t any fun to have to live apart, it did feel like we were dating again. We were able to do some really fun things together. I also did student teaching during this month so a lot of my time was spent in the classroom and in preparing lessons.

Other activities included: Watching General Conference with some crazy changes! We learned that church sill be only 2 hours long starting in January. I also did a social media fast for 10 days where I learned about the importance of creativity before you consume. I also did lunch with friends, Grandma’s birthday celebrations, had fall break, down town shopping trips, etc!

My crafts included: fabric pumpkins, jewelry organizer, flower paintings, lemon halloween costume, etc.

Thanks so much for reading! What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall? Catch you in November. 🙂

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