September 2018

I’ve fallen behind a little bit in blogging- BUT I’m committed, so I’ll keep the descriptions a little shorter for this post. Let’s go!

Sheldon and I enjoy evening drives to relax from the day. One night we drove up “8 mile” which is in Ant Canyon. The sunset was seriously stunning!


One of our favorite things to do in September is the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot! The last few years it was our first date night after moving to Rexburg in the fall, this year was a little different. We got our favorite ice cream from Reids Dairy, and we played a quick game a ring toss without any success.


One night Sheldon was shooting at the outdoor range while I gathered some wildflowers. Win-win.



We took a weekend excursion to Boise. I wrote a separate post about the trip- read it HERE.


Sheldon got roped into helping with the high school homecoming activities. Together we ran a booth with a tractor game sponsored by his company. basically the point of the game was to use the scoop to move the basketball from the cone and into the barrel. It was fun to be part of this community event before the football game.

Sheldon also really got into flying his aunt’s drone, that he ended up purchasing his own. He got the DJI Spark on a special deal. It has actually been so fun to create content with!


Another evening drive took us along the Bear River. We saw the first of the fall leaves along the way, and had pizza in Preston, ID.


Probably the most important part of September was that I started Student Teaching! I’m teaching FACS at Elk Ridge Middle School in South Jordan. It has been so fun! However, this means that I have to live in Utah (and away from Sheldon) temporarily while I have this teaching experience. Thankfully he drives down from Idaho to visit me every weekend.


While in Utah, Sheldon decided we needed to go see a BYU Football game. We went early enough in September that it was a nice warm day, perfect for football.


Another date night included the fall festival at the Young Living Lavender Farms. There were beautiful grounds, pretty stables, and a fun rodeo. We did dinner at our favorite place, Texas Roadhouse!


Other activities in September included: moving out of our apartment, a visit to Ikea, lunch with friends, etc.

Crafts in September included: Yellow play quilt for our new baby niece, Makeup Logo for Nellie’s Nook, and Lavon’s yard painting.

See you in October, thanks for reading!

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