Labor Day in Boise

Hey, just wanted to make a quick post to document our little trip to Boise. It was a summer weekend that we both had to work- but then had Monday off for Labor Day.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to boise and stayed in the Anniversary Inn. We had the light house room which was so cute. My favorite part was this breakfast in bed.


We woke up Monday worming and headed out to the Idaho Botanical Gardens. They have pretty grounds but we decided that the flowers would be better to see in the spring. I liked to see the coy fish. On google it said it was $3 a person, but that was wrong they charged us$7. Fun place to visit though, you can tell there are many many hours spent gardening and landscaping there.



From there we did lunch in the Boise Mall– mostly so that we could each eat what we wanted in the same place haha. We walked around the mall for a little bit, but then just before leaving a special little store caught our eye…. a candy store. It was the cutest little place. I’m embarrassed to report that we spent like $16 on a tiny little bag of candy. But we savored every bite.



On the drive back home we had to make a stop at Shoshone Falls, in Twin. We’ve been here before but were excited to see it again. It really is quite the sight to see, we highly recommend swinging by if you ever get the chance. It is only $3 per car making it a nice date/afternoon visit.



The drive back to Grace was a liiiittle bit longer than we were ready for, haha. It was a really fun trip because we haven’t really explored Boise together yet. There’s so much more to see, we will have to go again soon!

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