Playing with a Drone!

Sheldon has been wanting a drone for awhile but we could never justify paying for one. We really don’t NEED one. So this week we got to play with it a little bit.

Alder Garden

There is this really nice old man that wanted to share some of his garden produce with us so he invited us over after work. You guys- not only does he have a garden, but it is seriously one of the nicest and most weed-free gardens out there! This man has straight rows and many different types of produce and a whole section of peppers. It was amazing.

After filling a bag full of delicious garden fresh food he showed us the flower area. From ground level it is stunning but he said when they planted it, it was done in a special pattern so it would look even better from atop a ladder. Sheldon offered to track down a drone so that we could take a picture of his flowers for him.

Thankfully Sheldon’s Aunt Jeanie has a drone and she was happy to let us borrow it one evening. We were actually with her on black Friday when she got it, which was fun. Sheldon took great care of it and practiced quite a bit on “simulation mode” before flying it. We eventually went to the flower garden and these are some of the images we got. Prettiest garden, right?

Sunflower Fields

Our neighbors that we rent from in Grace have cattle that usually stay in their yard, but during the summer their cows go to the mountains and they grow their feed. This year they mixed sunflowers and corn into the feed mixture.

While we had the drone we had to take advantage and take some pictures of the sunflowers there! Aren’t they so pretty?

Abandoned Train Bridge

One last thing we wanted to photograph with the drone was the old abandoned train bridge just down the street from us. We haven’t visited it yet and decided it was a good time to take a walk out there.

We can’t believe how pretty it was especially that time of night. Normally you would see mountains in the background but it has been so smoky with all the fires that it looks like they disappeared.

It was so fun getting to use the drone, we really enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

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