Canoe Soda Springs

Sheldon volunteered to help the scouts with their annual canoe trip in Soda Springs. He got permission to bring me along as well which I was SO excited about.

The scenery was stunning as we floated along the river and the temperature was perfect. We didn’t get amazing pictured of the day because I didn’t dare float with my nice camera. But we had Sheldon’s phone to take a few.

It was pretty entertaining to contrast this trip with my knowledge of what a young woman’s equivalent would be. Apparently for boys the goal of these canoe trips is to “swamp” or sink the other canoes. Seems like there is strategy behind it too. Haha


After we got out of the canoes, the boys did some swimming and bridge jumping. As they were putting the canoes back onto the trailer I bought some Klondike ice cream bars.  They were a hit!

I always enjoy spending time in nature and this was a fun alternative way to do so. Thanks for reading!

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