Fair Week

Caribou county fair is like the biggest thing to happen to Grace Idaho all year. The grounds are small but it is busy ALL week long. Everyone from the county spends all night at the fair. I love that the whole community comes together.

The first evening event we went to was the horse pulls. It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The horses are teamed up to see how much they can pull together. They could all pull more than their own weight. They kept adding on increments of 500-1,000 pounds. It was entertaining actually.

Our favorite event of the fair is obviously the rodeo! It is our tradition to go with our friends Kelsey and Scott. There were so many broncos this year, which are my favorite! we also may have eaten an incredible amount of fries and doughnuts. Haha.

On Monday I submitted several crafts to be judged. I was also unpacking at the same time so I didn’t have a ton to submit. But everything I put in the fair won ribbons-  I’m thinking it ended up being like $42 in prize money. I also was able to help out at the premium window and got paid for that. It kept me busy which was fun. The crafts that I brought were a mixture of different paintings, sewing projects, and wooden signs. The crazy thing is that I had to enter professional art since I sell them over at Sunflowers & Stitches- and I still won blue ribbons in professional watercolor!


You would not believe the support the parade gets in little Grace, Idaho. There are SO many people that line the streets. It is so short that it doubles back around, and there is SO MUCH CANDY that is thrown out to the kids. This year Sheldon drove a small New Holland tractor for Valley Implement and I rode along to help throw out candy. It was pretty fun!

On Friday night Sheldon and I helped volunteer at the church’s food booth. I helped take and fill orders while Sheldon cooked stake. It is a little high stress and long, fun we have fun doing it every year!

It will be interesting to see if we are still in the area for the fair next year. We want to buy a house before then. I’m sure we will come visit either way.

Thanks for reading!

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