Graduation Weekend!

My family came to visit us in Idaho to celebrate our graduation from BYUI! Well, technically Sheldon graduated last semester, and I graduate next semester after student teaching…. BUT we wanted to celebrate together and walk at the same time- so we chose July to do so!

For those who don’t already know Sheldon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Technology and I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science Education. I still have student teaching this fall- it is lined up at Elk Ridge Middle School in Jordan, Ut.

We took my family to Mesa Falls- one of our favorite places! It was a clear day and very green. They all loved the views!


That evening was so fun because we relaxed at their cute bed and breakfast. They stayed at the Blue Heron Inn and loved it. We had dinner, went on a little nature walk and ended the night by playing Cover Your Assets. Some fun family time.


Graduation festivities were on Monday. First we had my pinning ceremony. It was a small little meeting where we could be celebrated individually and thank our FCS professors. This was the most meaningful because all of my friends and teachers were there.


After the pinning ceremony we moved all of our moving boxes and everything we own out of our tiny apartment and into the trailer. We had so much help with this, it was quick and painless, thanks so all who showed up!

Commencement was a huge meeting in the i-center for everyone graduating in July. Neither of us were in the written program though since we don’t technically graduate this semester- we will have to track down the right ones. It was powerful to see all of the graduates and think of all the potential we hold collectively.


Convocation was held in the Taylor Building. This was the meeting that we actually walk in. Sheldon joined me in the Home & Family Department temporarily. 🙂 It was seriously such a weird feeling to see all my classmates for the last time. It was a good meeting though! What a special time for us all.


Sheldon and I spent an entire day moving and cleaning everything in our apartment- thankfully we passed our clean checks with flying colors! And were able to move back to the little farm house in Grace temporarily.

I spent the rest of that week in Utah with my family. They made home made ice cream cones and we went shopping at the Shop Stevie warehouse. Hands down my favorite thing we did was a Zipline in Sundance, Utah! It was such a pretty day for it. We felt very safe and had so much fun!

Here is a little video I put together of our zipline adventure:

Thanks for following along with us!

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