July 2018

I’m going to be shaking things up for the next little bit- so this may be my last “month review” style blog post. I am going to try to do shorter posts that are done more frequently with specific highlights. We will see how that goes.

July was month 4 of 8 that we had to live apart. We are over half way done!

My very favorite holiday is the 4th of July. not quite sure why, but it has always been special to me. There is not much of an expectation attached to it and it always means family time outdoors. Sheldon got work off so he came to visit me for the day. We went to the Rexburg parade, in the morning then pizza hut for lunch. We made chocolate dipped goodies that we took to a BBQ with Taylor’s family. From there we did fireworks in Idaho Falls. While waiting for the firework show we had sodas, used some sparklers, played glow stick ringtoss, and bought some ice cream from Reid’s Dairy. It was a fun night regardless the parking disaster.


Sheldon told me the tragic news that he had never tie-dyed in his life. I had to fix that, so we had an in home tie dye date. I thought they turned out pretty good actually!


In finishing up my last semester of school I decided to get some professional portraits done. My friend Peyton did them for me and I thought they turned out really nice. Sheldon and I ended up going to dinner with her and her husband that same week, we all decided on Olive Garden and it was delicious!



My final for the pattern making class that I took was to create a dress that we would wear in the school’s Fashion Show. I wrote a whole post about it on my craft side- read about the dress that I made HERE.



Our ward put on a social at FatCats. We were able to do some bowling, mini golf, and had free pizza with some friends in the ward. It was a fun evening but I was reminded that I am absolutely terrible at bowling. Haha.


We couldn’t resist trying the food stand in Rexburg called Crispy cones. They have European style treats filled with cream, fruit, and chocolate. It was a little upsetting because we thought they were filled with ice cream, but they were still very yummy. It was very rich so we could have been happy sharing one.


Other notable things we did: I made pupusas, we watched the new Ant Man, ate at Red Rabbit Grill, teaching Sunday school, helping to shop for the fashion show, etc. OH AND WE GRADUATED- (see the next post!)



Thanks for reading!

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