Riding Horses- June 2018

Hey guys!

Sorry this blog is almost a whole month behind, but at least I’m writing it. 🙂 Sheldon and I had another month of living apart. Sheldon has been working in Grace and I’ve been finishing my final classes in Rexburg. June is month 3 of 8 for living apart in 2018. We can do thissss.

We do get weekends together thankfully, so we have had to plan out our weekends out accordingly. One evening we took a date night to Rigby and had dinner at a little BBQ place called Little Mike’s. It is seriously delicious! Highly recommended. We also went to watch Solo that evening; which I also surprisingly enjoyed.

You know my little art business? Well early in June I had my first pop up shop for it. It was a fun way to meet other creative people in the Rexburg area and get my name out there a little bit. Read more about that HERE.


One weekend while in Grace we decided to spend the day outside. It was perfect weather out so we invited our friends Kelsey and Scott to join us for the Idaho Free Fishing day. Usually you need to have a fishing license, but not on that day! We didn’t catch anything but we found two beautiful locations to “fish”- aka spend time out by the water. Later that evening we had a little fire to make s’mores. So fun!

Sheldon and I were both pretty excited to watch Incredibles 2. We loved the first one and were counting down to see the next. Pretty sure we saw it the same day that it came out. 🙂 I thought it was so good and it followed a very similar feel to the first one.

One thing we were very excited about was our horse back riding adventure at Harriman State Park. We bought tickets through the BYUI outdoor activities. There were about 30 people with horses and we all followed a beautiful scenic trail. It was a very fun and relaxing date night. Watch the video below:

The best part of June was our trip to California for Nathan & Kelsi’s wedding! We flew out and spent 5 days there. I made a whole separate blog post about that mini vacation because we did SO much! Read about it (HERE) and watch the youtube vlog below:

Our last weekend in Grace we went on a Razor ride to collect wild flowers. That was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and it was so fun! We also went to the Drive-in theater to see Jurassic World. We thought it was pretty good but a little fake haha. But I love dinosaurs, so worth it.

Other fun things from June included: receiving baked goodies from neighbors, evening walks, got my eyelashes done, judging cupcake wars at school, teaching Sunday school, dinner with some friends, going to the temple, etc.


Thanks for reading! & Happy Summer!

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